The Ohio State University at Newark

William L. MacDonald

Dean and Director, The Ohio State University at Newark

What makes Ohio State Newark distinct?

Inspired by the deep, critical, and reflective thinking of our students and faculty, I answer that question by looking beyond our beautiful campus, our small classes, and the personal attention students receive from faculty and staff.

I look to our diverse student population—nearly 30% of our students are minorities—and the effort we put into learning from that diversity and leveraging it to provide the richest student experience possible. The opportunities for learning from classmates who have had different life experiences are numerous, and the benefits of those experiences for one’s personal development are colossal.

I also look to the wide range of communities that our students and faculty are engaging. Through service-learning courses, the LeFevre Fellows Program, education abroad, internships, and research projects, students have numerous opportunities to become civically engaged and increase their local, regional, national, and global awareness. They are getting a better understanding of geo-political issues by visiting countries like Cuba, Germany, or Canada, making a difference in the lives of local families by working with organizations like the United Way, or making a difference in the lives of Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans.

Finally, I look to the wonderful collaboration between faculty and students on research. Working alongside faculty, Ohio State Newark students might be in the field studying spiders or bees, in the lab doing psychological research on decision making, in archives studying manuscripts, or at a computer analyzing data on gamma-ray bursts. Often, students and faculty co-author articles in academic journals or co-deliver presentations at regional or national conferences hosted by scholarly organizations.

Ohio State Newark’s distinctiveness, to me, is its ratio of output to size. The magnitude of the discoveries and differences we make is amazing.

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