The Ohio State University at Newark

Diana Erchick

After work introducing, defining and applying the concept of mathematical voice, I now focus inquiry on an element of mathematical voice -- social agency. The role of agency in mathematics education is fundamental to a social justice agenda and as such is critical to teachers' and learners' daily work in classrooms. For students, an active and informed sense of agency allows them to become risk takers, problem solvers, and autonomous learners. For teachers, agency plays a central role in their commitment to developing the expertise that supports instructional decision-making about their students' learning. For all, a continuously developing expertise and an active sense of agency help teachers and learners negotiate the shared authority of the student-centered classroom. Currently, my agenda has developed to apply the concepts of social justice to mathematics education, in terms of race, class, and gender.

Areas of Expertise

Mathematics Education

Equity, Diversity and Social Justice

Teacher Education


Ph.D. - The Ohio State University, Mathematics Education, 1996

M.A. - The Ohio State University, Mathematics Education, 1996

M.A.T. - Kent State University, Secondary Education, 1988

B.S. - Kent State University, Applied Mathematics, 1985