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D. B. Ruderman

D. B. Ruderman lives with his two teen-aged kids and his dog and is the author of The Idea of Infancy in 19th-C British Poetry: Romanticism, Subjectivity, Form (Routledge, 2016). He has published essays in Essays in Romanticism, Political Geography, and Victorian Poetry. His poems have appeared in The Nervous Breakdown, Word for/Word, and Anomaly. He currently teaches as an associate professor at The Ohio State University and runs a community-based poetry-writing workshop for people in recovery from drug addiction called Writing and Rewriting the Self.


PHD English University of Michigan
Masters English University of Michigan
BA English University of California, Berkeley

Areas of Expertise

Romanticism, 19th-c British Literature (esp. poetry)
Lyric Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory
Modern and Contemporary Poetry

D. B. Ruderman's Curriculum Vitae