The Ohio State University at Newark

Elizabeth Weiser

I am a rhetorical theorist, historiographer, and museologist in the English Department of The Ohio State University. I teach a variety of classes on rhetoric, writing, and language analysis, and I coordinate the professional writing minor on its Newark Campus, where I’ve won faculty awards for my teaching, research, and service. I’ve published several books and numerous articles. My newest book, Museum Rhetoric, examines the manner and implications of the national identification that is promoted in museums around the world.

Areas of Expertise

Rhetorical theory and criticism
Writing studies
Museum studies
Cultural theory


PhD in English, Rhetoric and Composition Specialization, Texas Christian University (2004)

MFA in Creative Writing/English, Texas State University (1999)

MA in Education, American University (1989)

BA in Anthroplogy, Univeristy of St.Thomas (1985)

Dr.Weiser's CV