The Ohio State University at Newark

Shauna Weyrauch

I am primarily a field-oriented ecologist and study questions of conservation interest. Most of my research has focused on amphibians. I am interested in understanding the consequences of factors such as genetic diversity, increasing levels of UV-B radiation, exotic species, water quality, and climate change on amphibian populations, and the role that these and other factors, alone or in combination, may play in the global phenomenon of amphibian population declines. Further, I am interested in techniques for improving habitat for amphibians through wetland restoration.

I am also interested in wild cat ecology and conservation. In the summer of 2015 I initiated a long-term camera-trapping study of bobcats in Coshocton County, Ohio (in collaboration with Dr. J. Andrew Roberts) called Project Wild Coshocton. The bobcat (Lynx rufus) is believed to be increasing in numbers and expanding its distribution in Ohio, and Coshocton County is on northwestern leading edge of this expansion. By using trail cameras, we hope to obtain data documenting changes in the abundance and distribution of bobcats in Coshocton County in the coming years.Education


Ph.D., EEO Biology. The Ohio State University

M.S., Biology. Wright State Univeristy

B.S., Biology. Wright State University