The Ohio State University at Newark

Program 60

Program 60

An Invitation to Learning

Ohio residents age 60 or older are invited to enrich their lives by experiencing a tuition-free lifelong learning opportunity at The Ohio State University at Newark. Enjoy the experience of interacting with college instructors and students and attend classes on a noncredit/non-degree basis. Classes in Program 60 are on a space-available only basis. Your life experiences will add much to classroom discussions.

Learning for Fun

There are no required assignments for Program 60 participants and you are not required to purchase books and supplies. However if the course has a course/lab fee, you will be required to pay that fee. You do not take exams or write papers unless you would like to do so. We do, however, encourage you to participate in class discussions.

Some courses are more difficult to get into than others. Painting and writing courses often do not have available spaces and laboratory courses are sometimes closed. We will help you find a course that matches your interests but do not hesitate to try something new!

Taking classes at The Ohio State University at Newark through Program 60 can be stimulating and enjoyable. You decide how much or how little you want to do. If there wasn’t time to continue your education in the past, Program 60 is the perfect opportunity to do so now!

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