The Ohio State University at Newark

Learning Communities

Learning communities create opportunities for students to engage and build a sense of community and professional connections. Ohio State Newark has five learning communities to bring together students with common attributes or academic goals.

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Buckeye Generation Learning Community

The Buckeye Generation Learning Community prepares first-generation college students for the world of college. Students take common classes, attend weekly labs and campus-wide social and cultural events to promote success in their first year and beyond.

Who: First-year, first-generation college students
Benefits: Student peer and academic success coaches; $600 academic support funding; priority consideration for on-campus housing

Education Teaching and Learning Community

The Education Teaching & Learning Community members engage in career focused experiential learning activities that allow students to make connections with education professionals, build strong connections with faculty, and build a foundation for success in the program through pre-major courses taken together.

Who: First-year students majoring in early and middle childhood education
Benefits: Faculty mentors and peer support system; career-based professional development; planned social events; $200 academic support funding

Engineering Learning Community

The Engineering Learning Community members engage in career-focused experiential learning activities. These opportunities allow students to make connections with engineering professionals in their first year and see the innovative work they are doing in the field.

Who: First-year students majoring in engineering or pre-engineering with high math abilities
Benefits: Field trips and interaction with professionals and researchers; guaranteed registration in first-year Ohio State engineering courses; priority consideration for on-campus housing; peer support

Global Citizens Learning Community

The Global Citizens Learning Community is for students who want to actively engage with the world community. Students take courses and participate in activities together that incorporate knowledge of other parts of the world as well as a recognition of global interconnectedness.

Who: First-year students interested in global citizenry
Benefits: Priority consideration for Ohio State Newark education abroad trips and up to $500 in funding towards a service-learning experience; education abroad, professional development or research project

Scarlet and Gray Excellence

The Scarlet and Gray Excellence Learning Community (SAGE) forms an academic and social community that immerses students in a curriculum reflective of their culture and reality, and equips them with the knowledge to bring about change for a just society.

Who: Students of color in their first year of college
Benefits: Emphasis on multicultural education and self-awareness; a $600 academic support funding; priority consideration for on-campus housing; student peer and academic success coaches

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