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Buckeye Generation Learning Community

Enrich your first year experience!

The purpose of the Buckeye Generation Learning Community (BGLC) is to prepare first generation college students for the world of college. Students, who participate in the BGLC can expect to work closely with the Office of Retention as they learn about study skill strategies, take core classes in a cohort-based model, participate in private group tutoring sessions, and build a team of support with Student Peer and Academic Success Coaches.

Additionally, students will gain the opportunity to work closely with our BGLC faculty members in order to enrich their overall experience. Students take three common courses in the fall semester, which includes two general education courses and a first year exploration course. The first year exploration course allow students to acquire learning, team building and leadership skills as well as personal success strategies. In the spring semester the students take only one general education course together, which allows them the opportunity to take major specific courses.

The learning community creates opportunities for students to form partnerships with each other and build professional connections. Student centered social and cultural events are designed to create opportunities for exposure and social connectedness. This program is open to first generation college students who are in their first year.

Benefits of participation:

  • Students will take classes in common, similar to a cohort model each semester.
  • Students attend weekly labs (study skills, team-building, personal growth & development).
  • Students will attend campus wide social and cultural events to foster sense of belonging and celebrate differences.
  • Support from Academic Peer Coaches – tutoring, study tables, mentoring.
  • A $600 book stipend is available to each student to help pay for books their first two semesters!
  • Receive priority consideration for Newark Campus Residence Hall housing for those who apply to the learning community by April 1. Please visit our blog link below for more details about housing paperwork and paying the housing deposit.

Application process

  • Students interested in becoming a member of the Buckeye Generation Learning Community should complete the BGLC Application for full consideration.
  • For details on the application process and more students can visit:

Who are the participants?

  • A population of 120 diversified first generation college students.
    The Ohio State University defines first generation as neither parent has received a bachelor’s degree.
  • These students are in their first year of college.
    Students who participate in college preparatory programs and enrolled in college courses while in high school are still
    considered first-year college students.


  • Students who participated in the learning community had a greater understanding of campus resources, improved time management skills, and a greater sense of community and support.
  • The ultimate success of the program can be found in the increased retention rates and grade point averages of the students who participated in the BGLC.·
  • BGLC students have a 5% higher four-year graduation rate than other first generation students who did not participate in the learning community.
  • To learn more about the program outcomes, see the First Generation Cohort Program: Success Over Time – Fact Sheet.

Student perspectives

BGLC students have shared the following statements about what they enjoyed while participating in the learning community:

  • “It was helpful, informative and made me realize I wanted to be involved in college.”
  • “I like having classes with the same group and feeling a sense of a community.”
  • “The team is super easy to talk/ask questions and really helped me understand things I wasn't sure about.”
  • “I enjoyed meeting new people and overcoming obstacles with them.”
  • “It exposes you to different strategies of planning.”
  • “How comfortable it made me feel to be myself.”

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BGLC Donor Partnership

Our Buckeye Generation Learning Community donors have made great impact in the lives of many. If you are interested in learning more about donating to the BGLC program, please visit the Ohio State Newark Day of Giving page.

The scholarship fund is: Buckeye Generation Learning Community | Campus Campaign Fund Number: 315801

Please read the story from one of our donors here:
Fund Established to Support Newark Campus Buckeye Generation Learning Community

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