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Engineering Learning Community

Build a social and engineering academic network in your first year!

The Engineering Learning Community (ELC) serves as an opportunity for Engineering and pre-Engineering students with high math abilities at the Newark campus to build a social and academic network in their first year of enrollment at The Ohio State University. Members of the learning community also have opportunities to interact with area engineers and employers throughout the year. Students, who participate in the ELC can expect to work closely with the Office of Retention as they learn about study skill strategies, take core classes in a cohort-based model, participate in private group tutoring sessions, and build a team of support with Student Peer and Academic Success Coaches. Additionally, students will gain the opportunity to work closely with our ELC faculty members in order to enrich their overall experience. The learning community creates opportunities for students to form partnerships with each other and build professional connections

Students take two courses together in autumn semester, which is the first year exploration course for engineers and Engineering 1181.01. The first year exploration course allows students to acquire learning, team building and leadership skills as well as personal success strategies. During the spring semester, students will take one course together, Engineering 1182.01.

Benefits of participation:

  • Attending Foundations of Engineering and Engineering University Survey class with peers who share the same academic interest and background.
  • Gaining the skills necessary to support the transition to the Columbus campus that is in alignment with personal and professional goals.
  • Interacting with successful engineers in the local community.
  • Participating in field trips related to the field of engineering.
  • Engaging in social activities designed for the learning community.
  • Receive priority consideration for Newark Campus Residence Hall housing for those why apply by April 1 (see the site for more details).

Application process

  • Students interested in becoming a member of the Engineering Learning Community should complete the ELC Application for full consideration.
  • Students are required and will be sent information on how to take the Ohio State Math Placement Test after their ELC application has been received.
  • Applicants are encouraged to pay their Ohio State Acceptance Fee for full consideration for ELC.
  • For details on the application process and more students can visit:

Who are the participants?

  • First Year Students who have declared an engineering or pre-engineering major.
  • 36 Applicants will be accepted
  • Acceptance is contingent upon applying to the ELC and placing at pre-calculus or calculus level on the OSU Math Placement Test.
  • Information regarding the Math Placement Test can be found at:


  • All of the students in the Engineering Learning Community in spring 2016 who planned to transition to the Columbus campus in autumn 2016, did so successfully with the support and guidance offered through the learning community.
  • In addition, 100% of the Engineering Learning Community students who desired to be accepted into the College of Engineering and were not already in their first-year were accepted in their second year.
  • ELC students who are not accepted to the College of Engineering in their first-year are still guaranteed to get into the first-year engineering courses that are required for all engineering majors.

Student perspectives

ELC students have shared the following statements about what they enjoyed while participating in the learning community:

  • “It taught me how to get through the College of Engineering.”
  • “I learned how to succeed in school.”
  • “I gained knowledge on how to study and how to manage my time.”
  • “I learned how to plan ahead in the future.”

ELC in the Media

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ELC Donor Partnership

Our Engineering Learning Community donors have made great impact in the lives of many. If you are interested in learning more about donating to the ELC program, please visit the