The Ohio State University at Newark

Global Citizens Learning Community

Do you want to actively engage with the world community?

The Global Citizens Learning Community is a program for first-year students transitioning from high school to college who are interested in global citizenry and want to actively engage with the world community. Students will take courses and participate in activities together that incorporate knowledge of other parts of the world as well as a recognition of global interconnectedness.

Benefits of participation:

  • Academic and social support.
  • Peer mentoring.
  • Pre-enrollment in cohort courses.
  • Planned social and cultural events.
  • Academic and experiential-learning trips.
  • Engagement in cross-cultural conversations.
  • Application process.
  • Faculty mentoring.
  • $500 of academic funding is available for each student to use towards a service-learning experience; education abroad, professional development or research project

Application process

  • Students interested in becoming a member of Global Citizens Learning Community should complete the application for full consideration.
  • Applicants are encouraged to pay their Ohio State Newark Acceptance Fee for full consideration for this learning community.

For details on the application process and more students can visit: