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Scarlet and Gray Excellence - SAGE

Join an academic and social community to achieve academic success!

Scarlet and Gray Excellence (SAGE) is a learning community that forms an academic and social community that will assist students of color in achieving academic success and develop a sense of belonging to increase retention. Through its emphasis on multicultural education and self-awareness, students will
strengthen their leadership skills and work towards increasing respect for differences. Students will be immersed in a curriculum that is reflective of their own culture and reality and will be equipped with the knowledge base to bring about change for a just society. Students, who participate in SAGE can expect to work closely with the Office of Retention as they learn about study skill strategies, take core classes in a cohort-based model, participate in private group tutoring sessions, and build a team of support with Student Peer and Academic Success Coaches.

Additionally, students will gain the opportunity to work closely with our SAGE faculty members in order to enrich their overall experience. Students take four common courses throughout the year, which includes three general education courses and a first year survey course. The first year survey course required for all Ohio State students, allow students to acquire learning, team building and leadership skills as well as personal success strategies. Students take fewer courses in spring semester together in the learning community, which allows them the opportunity to take more major specific courses.

The learning community creates opportunities for students to form partnerships with each other and build professional connections. Student centered social and cultural events are designed to create opportunities for exposure and social connectedness.

Benefits of participation:

  • Immersed in a multicultural curriculum where they take 4 classes together as a cohort.
  • Students attend weekly labs (study skills, team-building, personal growth & development).
  • Students will attend campus wide social and cultural events to foster sense of belonging on campus.
  • Support from Academic Peer Coaches – tutoring, study tables, mentoring.
  • A $600 book stipend is available to each student to help pay for books their first two semesters!
  • Receive priority consideration for Newark Campus Residence Hall housing for those who apply to the learning community by April 1. Please visit our blog link below for more details about housing paperwork and paying the housing deposit.

Application process

  • Students interested in becoming a member of Scarlet and Gray Excellence should complete the SAGE Application for full consideration.
  • Applicants are encouraged to pay their Ohio State Newark Acceptance Fee for full consideration for SAGE.
  • For details on the application process and more students can visit:

Who are the participants?

  • Students of color (ex: American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Island).
  • Students are in their first year of college.
    Students who participate in college preparatory programs and enrolled in college courses while in high school are still considered first-year college students.
  • 40 applicants will be accepted.

SAGE Donor Partnership

Our Scarlet and Gray Excellence learning community donors have made great impact in the lives of many. If you are interested in learning more about donating to the SAGE program, please visit our Development Office at: