The Ohio State University at Newark

Campus Statues

Our campus is filled with public art in the form of 18 life-size bronze sculptures, most of which have been generously donated by J. Gilbert and Louella H. Reese, through their Thomas J. Evans Foundation. Take a walking tour of campus to see them all, or enjoy the images below.

The Ohio State University at Newark is commissioning an additional sculpture to join the campus in 2024: A memorial sculpture paying tribute to Ella Baker. Ella Baker (1903-1986) was a key figure in the Civil Rights Movement — the most important American social movement of the 20th century — yet has not received the recognition she deserves. As a young woman Baker declined to follow her mother’s urging to become a schoolteacher, but she was a profoundly influential leader nonetheless — a master teacher — particularly focused on empowering younger generations to trust their own judgment and forge their own paths. For these reasons, Baker is the ideal choice to be recognized on a college campus. The campus has issued a Request for Proposals. We invite artists to review the RFP as well as the photographs below to envision a tribute to this legendary leader. We also invite artists, campus members and the community to watch this video showcasing the 18 statues and potential locations for the Ella Baker Memorial Statue.

Great Contributors Series

by Gary Lee Price

Lent to the campus by J. Gilbert and Louella H. Reese, through their Thomas J. Evans Foundation, the series honors the ideals represented by various world figures: Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, George Washington, Claude Monet, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa and The Wright Brothers. Price’s work is unique in depicting these historical giants not standing on pedestals but seated on bronze benches that offer an open seat for students to join them.

New Heights of Knowledge: Dreams

by Gary Lee Price

This statue depicts a young African American woman seated on a pile of books looking eagerly toward the future. Price says of the collection, "The children represent diligent study. The stacks of books represent the higher levels of learning and understanding that come to us through knowledge."

Circle of Friends

by Gary Lee Price

The circle represents the world coming together, ‘paws’ clasped in friendship and unity. Price includes one animal from each of the seven continents, representing the entire world and our need for interaction and cooperation. An open space in the circle invites passers-by to join in.

Charlie Black

by Carrie Gantt Quade

The sculpture of a pig (seated) was inspired by Quade's summer visits to her grandparents' farm. "I learned respect from the pigs," she said.


by Carrie Gantt Quade

A pig (standing) was also inspired by Quade's summer visits to her grandparents' farm.

A Day Off

by Seward Johnson

One of Johnson’s hyper-realistic sculptures in his “Celebrating the Familiar” series, this work depicts a father and son fishing together.

Summer Thinking

by Seward Johnson

Another hyper-realistic artwork in Johnson’s “Celebrating the Familiar” series depicts a girl dreamily lying in the grass and writing in a notebook.

The Winner

by Seward Johnson

A chess player contemplates his next move