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Giving Options

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Creating opportunities for students
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Making a gift of education is simple. It will enable us to further programs, facilities and learning opportunities for our greatest asset, our students.

You can choose the area of support you prefer
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Cash and credit card charges are often the most convenient form of giving. Cash gifts are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes, provided deductions are itemized.

Pledges enable a donor to plan a personal giving program that is both convenient and tax-wise. A pledge may enable a donor to consider a more significant gift than would have been otherwise possible.

Securities may be made as outright gifts or as a payment on a pledge. Stock certificates may be reassigned directly to The Ohio State University at Newark. These may also be transferred through the donor's broker. The mean market value on the date of the transfer will determine the value of the gift for tax purposes. Gifts of appreciated securities may be tax deductible, up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. The deduction is based on the full fair market value, and capital gains tax is not due when the stock is transferred.

Deferred and Planned Gifts
It may be preferable from an estate, financial and tax-planning perspective to consider long-term planned giving as the best way to make a gift. This can be accomplished through various gift instruments, such as charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities charitable lead trusts and bequests. Advancement staff members will be available to assist you and your financial advisors to design a trust or bequest that will allow you to combine your need to protect your assets with your decision to make a gift to the campus.

Matching Gifts
To encourage employees to make charitable gifts, thousands of businesses and corporations nationwide will match the gifts of their employees with an equal or greater contribution. Please include your employer's name if you know they are one of these companies.

Gifts of $50,000 or more establish permanently endowed funds that may be named to honor persons in perpetuity.

Other Giving Opportunities can include Personal Property, Life Insurance and Real Estate. Rules about these types of gifts may vary. The campus reserves the right to accept or refuse all gift-in-kind donations.

Every gift makes a difference, and we thank you for your support!