Multicultural Affairs

The mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to promote cultural awareness events and programs both on and off campus and create an environment that is conducive to the overall collegiate experience for students regardless of ethnicity, socio-economic status, origin, gender, race, sexual orientation or disability.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs strives to develop comprehensive programs to increase retention of minority students for academic success and professional development as well as collaborate with other offices and the community to create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere that promotes inclusiveness for all students.

  • Serves as a location for development and awareness of multicultural programs and events, on and off campus
  • Enhances exposure and creates a learning environment of cultural differences for students, staff, and faculty
  • Supports academic resources
  • Interprets information given to students by other offices and serves as a mediator
  • Organizes outreach programs to communicate educational opportunities at Ohio State Newark
  • Assists admissions and advising in the recruitment and retention of students
Three students sit on a chairs with laptops and notebooks in front of them smiling toward the camera.


freshIMAGE is a free workshop for first-year Black/African American students that helps them reach their college goals.
A painting of four hands of different skin tones.

Diversity Through Artistry

Help third graders at a local elementary school express the meaning of diversity using their imagination through various mediums.
A man stands at the front of the room, holding a microphone, speaker to a crowd.

Social Justice and Community Engagement Program

SJCE is a certificate-earning program for all students interested in enhancing their college experience through co-curricular involvement focused on diversity, social justice and leadership.
A group of musicians in brightly colored African apparel dance while singing and drumming.


Multicultural Affairs hosts events throughout the school year to recognize, educate and celebrate the diversity of our student body.


Program Manager
Multicultural Affairs