J. Andrew Roberts

Associate Professor

I am a behavioral ecologist whose main research interests are 1) the evolution of animal communication and social behavior using a wolf spider model system, and 2) wildlife/conservation ecology and the return of the bobcat to central Ohio. I apply an integrative approach to my research program, incorporating techniques from several disciplines (e.g. environmental measurements, field and laboratory observation and experimentation, digital imaging and video/audio playback, chemical extraction, microhabitat modification) to address interesting questions about the evolution of animal signals, sexual selection and mate choice, group formation and social behavior, and intraguild competition. I have collaborated on a variety of projects and have worked with invertebrate (mainly spiders) and vertebrate organisms in habitats including coastal riparian, flood plain, old growth forest, eastern deciduous forest, Mojave desert, and even cave and karst ecosystems.

Areas of Expertise

Behavioral Ecology
Animal Behavior
Wildlife Ecology


PhD | University of Cincinnati | Biological Sciences; Behavioral Ecology
MS | University of Cincinnati | Biological Sciences; Chemical Ecology
BS | Purdue University | Neurophysiology

Additional Details:

Ohio State Newark Research Coordinator (2011 - present)
Regional Campus Representative to the Associate Deans for Research Committee (2019 - present)

Andy Roberts headshot.