Jill Leonard-Pingle portrait in a biology classroom.

Professional Standards Awards

Faculty Service Award

The purpose of the Ohio State Newark Faculty Service Award is to recognize outstanding contributions in the area of service by members of the Ohio State Newark faculty. Two awards are given annually, one for tenured faculty and one for pre-tenure faculty. Nominations are solicited from tenured and non-tenured faculty and administration. All full-time Ohio State Newark teaching faculty members are eligible, excepting those who have received the award in the previous three consecutive years.

Current honorees

Tenured: Terri Hessler (educational studies)

Tenure track: Lucille Toth (French)

Scholarly Accomplishment Award

The Ohio State Newark Scholarly Accomplishment Award recognizes two leading scholars from among the Ohio State Newark regular faculty, one tenured and one pre-tenure. The Dean/Director’s office provides the subcommittee chair with a list of names of the faculty who are eligible for the award by virtue of the fact that they have been identified by the department chair as “exceeding expectations” (above a score of 2) in scholarship for the previous three consecutive years. Faculty members who have won the award during the previous five consecutive years are not eligible. The subcommittee chair will contact the eligible faculty in each category (tenured and pre-tenure) and invite them to compete for the respective awards.

Current honorees

Tenured: Dana LaCourse Munteanu (classics)

Tenure track: Dorian Harrison (education: teaching and learning)

Teaching Excellence Award

The Teaching Excellence Award is presented annually to each of the following: one lecturer and senior lecturer, one pre-tenure faculty member, and one tenured faculty member “to recognize individuals doing excellent teaching and to stimulate excellence in teaching.” Recipients are selected by a committee of previous winners, faculty appointed to the Professional Standards Committee, and if possible, students appointed by the Student Senate Committee. Ohio State Newark students, faculty, administrators and alumni may make nominations.

Current honorees

Tenured: John Harper (mathematics)

Tenure-Track: Jennifer Kowalsky (psychology)

Senior Lecturer: Shauna Weyrauch (evolution, ecology and organismal biology)

Robert A. Barnes Award for Exemplary Teaching

The Robert A. Barnes Award is presented annually for exemplary teaching and awarded to an Ohio State Newark tenured faculty member who has established a record of excellent teaching at the Newark campus for at least ten years. Candidates for the award are nominated annually by an anonymous ballot distributed to all full-time Ohio State Newark faculty.

Current honoree

Melissa Jungers (psychology)

Faculty Award for Mentoring of Undergraduate Research

The Faculty Award for Mentoring of Undergraduate Research recognizes a faculty member who exhibits the qualities of good mentorship, demonstrates an ability to inspire students and acts as a role model for methods of inquiry and ethical conduct for research.

Current honoree

Jim Wirth (psychology)

Best New Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

Current honoree

Dorian Harrison (education: teaching and learning)