The Ohio State University at Newark

Conflict Resolution -- Ombudsperson

Students who believe that they have received an incorrect grade should first try to address the issue directly with the faculty member. In the absence of an agreement, students should contact the Ombudsperson. Students with concerns regarding professionalism, inclusion, or other issues may speak first to the faculty member but may also bring the complaint directly to the Ombudsperson.In all cases, the Ombudsperson will work with both the student and the faculty member to facilitate communication and to work toward resolution of the issue. If necessary, the Ombudsperson will direct the student to additional resources for resolving the issue.

2019-2020 Ombudsperson

Ombudsperson: Dr. Lucille J. Toth, 740.627.5569 or
Alternate Ombudsperson: Dr. Nath Rao, 740-366-9341 or