The Ohio State University at Newark

Conflict Resolution -- Ombudsperson

A student who has a complaint about a faculty member regarding conflicts over:
Course grading, should first try to resolve the complaint directly with the faculty member. A student who tries that avenue but is not satisfied with the results should bring the complaint to the Ombudsperson.
Professionalism, inclusion, and other issues may take the concern first to the faculty member, or bring the complaint directly to the Ombudsperson first.
In all cases, the Ombudsperson will work with both the student and the faculty member to resolve the complaint informally. If the student remains dissatisfied, the Ombudsperson will direct the student to additional resources for resolving the complaint.

2017-2018 Ombudsperson

Ombudsperson: Dr. Diana Erchick 740-366-9203
Alternate Ombudsperson: Dr. Lucy Murphy 74-0364-9592