The Ohio State University at Newark

Family Member Checklist

Family Member Checklist

Am I allowing my family member the freedom to have new experiences?
Do I encourage the exploration of new ideas, experiences, and occupations without being pushy?
Am I willing to tolerate ideas and values which are different than my own?
Do I really listen to what my family member tells me?
Am I positive and supportive when my family member makes a poor decision or fails?

Do I talk openly and honestly about my current job, including both the pros and cons?
Am I willing to discuss my own career development history?
Do I tell my family member about various occupations?
Do I encourage my family member to find out about occupations of interest, referring them to appropriate resources?

Personal Insight
Do I help my family member to objectively look at their strengths and weaknesses and suggest how they might relate to various career areas?
Do I compliment my family member on their good points and accomplishments?
Do I help my family member identify occupations that they would be good at?

Am I willing to refer my family member to friends/acquaintances who might discuss their occupations with them?
Am I willing to actively help my family member find a summer/part-time/volunteer job that will help them explore a potential career field?
Would I be willing to allow my family member to use my personal/professional contacts to find employment after graduation?

Do I encourage activities that promote career development, while not emphasizing what has not been done?
Am I willing to assist my family member in setting reasonable goals without insisting that my expectations be met?
Do I ask questions that will encourage my family member's further career information-seeking behavior?