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Experiential Learning


Experiential Learning (Internships)

Experiential learning involves the attainment of professional experience through a variety of means. Formalized methods may include internships, fieldwork, practicum, clinical experiences, and service-learning. Such experiences may be based within an academic program and credit-bearing, while others may be a result of a student’s interest in his or her professional development. Experiential learning also includes informal approaches such as job shadowing, volunteerism, campus leadership, and other co-curricular opportunities.

The message is clear, the attainment of a degree is not enough. Employers are looking for new employees that have knowledge, skills, and experience related to the field. Students must be able to demonstrate the application of these abilities and posses the “soft skills” that all organizations are seeking. Participating in one or multiple experiences while in college will help you reach your professional goals.

The Ohio State University at Newark and Central Ohio Technical College recognize the importance of experiential learning opportunities for both the educational advancement of students and the growth of host employers’ businesses and organizations.

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