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Job & Internship Board

Handshake is Ohio State’s university-wide position posting system where students have access to search and apply for part-time jobs, internships, co-ops and full-time career opportunities. Thousands of jobs, internship and career opportunities are posted in Handshake as well as information on upcoming career fairs and recruiting events.

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Recruiting Policies

Professional Expectations

Job Posting Guidelines

The following types of employment are not accepted for posting:

  • In-home/private/independent home health, senior and childcare, nanny or tutoring
  • Campus marketing internships that are unpaid, stipend or commission/quota-based or part-time positions
  • Application processes that ask students to use their social media profiles or release information associated with their social media profiles (i.e. number of followers/friends)
  • Part-time positions whose payment structure is commission-only (does not apply to full-time career employment)
  • Positions or programs that charge a fee or upfront payment of any kind for participation
  • Employment outside the United States posted by a third-party
  • Electronic job boards will not be used to solicit business of any kind

The Office of Career Development reserves the right to refuse service to any employer that violates the NACE Principles for Professional Practice or any Ohio State University or Central Ohio Technical College policy.

The Office of Career Development reserves the right to refuse service to any employer if a review of the specific opportunity or nature/status of the company suggests that it is inappropriate for our service population; if students are injured or exposed to unsafe working conditions; if the employer discriminates; or if the office receives student complaints about discrimination, harassment, threats, unsafe working conditions, or any other questionable circumstance.

Employers and postings may be denied for additional reasons deemed appropriate by The Office of Career Development. Note that college career services offices may have additional posting policies beyond what is listed below. Please consult directly with a career services office if you have further questions.

Unpaid Internship Postings

While unpaid internships are accepted, we strongly encourage employers to review the items below with their human resources department and legal counsel to determine whether or not their internship is in compliance with federal law.

Non-Discrimination Policies

The Ohio State University at Newark does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, color, veteran status, and/or disability. General information, questions, concerns, or complaints related to these matters are to be directed to the Title IX Coordinator, Holly Mason, Warner Center Suite 226, Ohio State Newark/COTC, 1179 University Drive, Newark, Ohio 43055-1797 (740.364.9578) or ADA/504 Coordinator, Connie Zang, at the same location.