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Wyatt Bowman



Why tutor writing?One does not simply decide to tutor in writing.

Favorite piece of Literature:Anything by J.R.R. Tolkien

Most embarrassing quality: I don't get embarrassed. That would require me to have some kind of sense of dignity.

Audrey Finkle



Why tutor writing?To meet some nerds like me and to have some fun while gaining experience.

Favorite piece of Literature:I love reading so much that picking a favorite piece of literature is like having to choose a favorite family member. And not in the sense that I really do have a favorite and don't want to tell anyone but more like I love each work for a different reason.

Most embarrassing quality:I like to pick my nose.

Allison Fisher (Not Pictured)

Debra Fitch

Rank: Senior

Major:English, minor in creative writing

Why tutor writing?I enjoy working with students and relating to them as a fellow student writer. Plus, it's a fun gig!

Favorite piece of Literature:It's impossible for me to choose one favorite piece of literature - there are way too many candidates! Besides, my ultimate favorite piece of literature might still be out there waiting to be read.

Most embarrassing quality:Snorting when I laugh!

Brewster Frusher

Rank: Senior

Major:Natural Resource Management - Sustainable Agriculture
Why tutor writing? Genetics. My grandfather was et al. He is still widely cited.
Favorite piece of Literature:Mark Twain Letters from the Earth
Most embarrassing quality:Is Wyatt making fun of me with his picture? That is embarrassing.

Lisa Ford

Rank:I am technically a Senior, but only because I already have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and they count all of those hours towards the degree I am currently working on. I still have at least 4 semesters until I will be able to finish as I only take 2 classes at a time.


Why tutor writing?I am by trade a teacher, and my favorite part of teaching is helping children learn to write, spell, and edit their own papers. To see growth in a student’s writing and witness the satisfaction they get from improving their skills is what makes teaching such an exciting job for me. Although, I do not have the desire to teach full-time...I have too many other things to do. Like raise my three kiddos, write, read, get a second degree in English, and travel. Working with the Writer's Studio is the absolute perfect job for me; it combines two of my favorite things: writing and young people.

Favorite piece of Literature:This week’s favorite is Statistics Concepts and Controversies (8th edition) by David Moore and William Notz. It is truly a fascinating piece of work, a really page turner. Otherwise, I love anything I write. I have a blog.

Most embarrassing quality:Do I have to pick only one? I have several... 1.I talk about my children too much. Rachel, 21, Senior at University of North Georgia, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Psychology, on a mission to save the world through hospital social work :). Mason, 20, works in Columbus and loves his Mama to the Moon :). And my baby Chandlar, 17, a Junior at Granville High School. She is beautiful and has the singing voice of an angel, really. 2.I drink entirely too much Diet Coke. 3.I ask too many questions in class. I am quite certain all of my young people groan when they see me, knowing I talk too much. :( My own children are convinced this is a common practice in my classes...

Jonathan Gimpel


Major: Thanatology
Why tutor writing? Why not?
Favorite piece of Literature:The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen
Most embarrassing quality:I don’t want to do this anymore.

Jill Goddard

Why tutor writing?Well, I just kind of stumbled on this writing class
English 3467), and I loved it.
Favorite piece of Literature:Whatever I am currently reading...umm...except for what I am currently reading.
Most embarrassing quality:Oh well that's easy, I am a 25th year senior.

Emily Hammond (Not Pictured)

Chelsea Hinshaw

Major:Anthropology with minors in German and English
Why tutor writing?I enjoy writing, and I think it is interesting to see how other people write. Everyone has their own unique style.
Favorite piece of Literature:The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Most embarrassing quality:Interrupting people when they are talking, because I am SO excited to announce what I have to say.

Laurinda Johnson

Degree:Bachelor of Arts in English

Why Tutor Writing?When I saw the class (English 3467) I knew it would be a class I would enjoy. Since I've always loved writing and talking about writing, I knew that this was the perfect place for me to be. And why not make money doing something you love?
Favorite Piece of Literature:Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig is an awesome book that I base most of my philosophies about life on.
Most Embarrassing Quality:I’m horrible at public speaking. My voice starts quivering so badly that I sound like I’m going to burst into tears.

Bryce Jones

Why tutor writing?I just kind of stumbled into it. On the first day of the semester, I accidentally went to the wrong room. Instead of Art it was the tutor training class. By the time I realized it was the wrong class, it was too late to leave--it would have been awkward. I stayed and added the class, and bingo bango now I'm a tutor.
Favorite piece of Literature:Star Wars
Most embarrassing quality:I get loud.

Emily Klinger

Why tutor writing?I decided to become a writing tutor because I enjoy writing and I like to help other people.
Favorite Piece of Literature:Pride and Prejudice or Cyrano DeBergerac or Peter Pan or anything by Meg Cabot.
Most embarrassing quality:I turn red really easily, even if I'm not embarrassed, because I am a ginger. I call it the ginger curse.

Nichole McVay (Not Pictured)

Major:Library Science

Ryan Palmer

Degree:Bachelor of Arts in English
Why tutor writing?I like to help people refine their ideas and try to make more sense of their world. Oh and getting paid never hurt anyone. I also think that if I help enough people they will have my back whenever I try to take over the world through some devious and diabolical scheme.
Favorite piece of Literature:Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe. This story reminds me that no matter how well you think you have it, or how long you think that you can delay it, you're going to die eventually, so you may as well party.
Most embarrassing quality:I have a really bad girlish tattoo that I had to get after losing a bet. No, you cannot see it.

Kelsi Rakestraw



Why Tutor Writing? I like writing; working in the Studio is a great way to get involved on campus and broaden my experience as a student and for future endeavors.

Favorite piece of Literature: Beowulf

Most Embarrassing Quality:I tend to talk to myself or make random noises when I am doing school work.

Michael Smith (not pictured)

Hunter Webster


Major:English Education
Why tutor Writing?Teaching Experience

Favorite piece of Literature:Don't read.

Most embarrassing quality:I can't think of anything that's both embarrassing and funny, just embarrassing.

Matt Young

Why tutor writing?I decided to tutor writing because I want to teach and I thought that tutoring would give me good hands on experience.
Favorite piece of Literature:Game of Thrones Saga or The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I can even show you my Hitchhiker's tattoo if you're interested.
Most embarrassing quality:I am as insecure as a teenage girl.

Nick (The Thriller) Young


Why tutor writing?The power is intoxicating.
Favorite piece of Literature:Game of Thrones Saga.
Most embarrassing quality:I don't get embarrassed.

Derek John Boczkowski

Derek John Boczkowski, the Writer's Studio Assistant Coordinator, oversees the daily operations of the Studio and drinks entirely too much coffee.

Dr. Dan Keller

Dr. Dan Keller, the Writer's Studio Coordinator, teaches English 3467 and is responsible for training all new tutors.

​The Writer's Studio Alumni—We miss these people!

Jarod Anderson - Took English 467: Autumn 2006 - Time of Service: Winter 2007 - Summer 2008Samantha Allyx Boring - Took English 467: Autumn 2008 - Time of Service: Winter 2008 - Autumn 2009Whitney Bostwick - Took English 467: Autumn 2005 - Time of Service: Summer 2006 - Summer 2008 Sarah Boulard - Took English 467: Autumn 2005 - Time of Service: Winter 2006 - Spring 2008
Will Brown - Took English 467: Autumn 2005 - Time of Service: Winter 2006 - Summer 2008 Bill Burris Ashley Caggiano - Took English 467: Autumn 2007 - Time of Service: Winter 2007 - Summer 2009 Clay Caroon - Took English 467: Autumn 2003 - Time of Service: Winter 2004 - Spring 2008
Della Carver Terry D. Gomes Jacob Greene - Took English 467: Autumn 2007 - Time of Service: Winter 2008 - Winter 2010 Joseph Hammond - Took English 467: Autumn 2005 - Time of Service: Winter 2006 - Autumn 2008
Matthew Hamrick Jonathan Holmes - Took English 467: Autumn 2007 - Time of Service: Winter 2007 - Summer 2009 Melissa Keller - Took English 467: Autumn 2005 - Time of Service: Winter 2006 - Autumn 2008 Joshua Maccombs - Took English 467: Autumn 2005 - Time of Service: Winter 2006 - Autumn 2008
Sean McCormick Michael Morrison - Took English 467: Autumn 2007 - Time of Service: Winter 2008 - Summer 2008 Douglas "The Ragin Cajun" Moser April Sears - Took English 467: Autumn 2008 - Time of Service: Winter 2009 - Spring 2010
Erin Tobin - Took English 467: Autumn 2008 - Time of Service: Winter 2009 - Spring 2010 Carrie Truex - Took English 467: Autumn 2007 - Time of Service: Winter 2008 - Spring 2009 Miria Waldrop, although you can call me Katie Michelle Weaver
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