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Past Writing Studio Projects

An Exquisite Zombie: An Exquisite Zombie is one of the Writer's Studio's creative projects for OSU Newark students and staff. Our book is not strictly about zombies, rather the idea of a zombie. The term "zombie" implies that our book's plot continues through the ages and never ends. Anyone at Newark Campus is welcome to write in the book and read the story. Get your firends to stop by the Studio and contribute to the story, and remember, the story can be about anything. And while you or your friends are writing, be sure to pick up an Exquisite Zombie memento - a zombie sticker.

Writing Well:The OSUN Writing Well is the gazette for Writer's Studio news, composition and style information, and occasional linguistic information. You'll need a PDF reader to view the newsletter. This is not a current Writer's Studio project.

Spring 2006/Volume 1, Issue 1
# Peer Writing Consultant Clay Caroon’s experience in Germany
# From the Desk of Derek Boczkowski: A welcome to the inaugural edition of Writing Well
# Grammar tips
# Meet the Writer's Studio
# Watch Your Figure: Epistrophe

Autumn 2006/Volume 2, Issue 1
# Peer Writing Consultants Trip to the National Conference on Writing Centers as Public Space
# From the Desk of Derek Boczkowski: A call for faculty and staff to use Studio services
# T.S. Eliot's tutor
# Meet a PWC: Sarah Boulard
# Know Your Roots: "Old school"
# Watch your Figure: Anaphora

Winter 2007/Volume 2, Issue 2
# Peer Writing Consultants present at national conference in Chicago
# From the Desk of Derek Boczkowski: Working through the middle quarter
# The Writer's Studio is for students of any course across the curriculum
# Meet a PWC: Melissa Keller
# Know Your Roots: "Three sheets to the wind"
# Watch your Figure: Symploce

Spring 2007/Volume 2, Issue 3
# Peer Writing Consultants present at conferences in Bowling Green, Ohio, and Storrs, Connecticut
# From the Desk of Derek Boczkowski: We've got a new web site!
# You too can be a Peer Writing Consultant
# Meet a PWC: Joshua Maccombs

# A farewell to senior PWCs