Commitment to diversity

A Message from Dean/Director MacDonald

Taking Meaningful Action

Taking meaningful action at The Ohio State University at Newark, respecting and promoting diversity is vital to the education of our students and to the learning environment of our campus community. We foster an atmosphere where each of us is valued for our intellectual and cultural perspectives, increasing our ability to reflect critically and resolve challenges.

We value mutual respect and diversity by building relationships that acknowledge the essential dignity of each individual and by valuing all races, genders, cultures, backgrounds and abilities and we are committed to creating and sustaining an intellectually stimulating environment for our collective growth.

Ohio State Newark, along with all other Ohio State campuses, is working to interrupt and dismantle institutionalized racist structures. Ohio State President Kristina M. Johnson wrote, “We must come together to draw strength from each other and advance our collective vision for a better world where we one day have justice for all. There is much work to be done.”

I affirm the campus’s commitment to that work. Racial injustices and inequities cannot continue, and we have a large role to play in ending them. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee of Ohio State Newark and Central Ohio Technical College works with and advises campus leadership as appropriate concerning the promotion of diversity and the further development of a welcoming and inclusive campus climate.

Beyond our campus, we are partnering with community organizations such as the Licking County Foundation and the local NAACP to put initiatives in place to address the effects of racism.

William L. MacDonald, PhD