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Office of Retention & Student Success Initiatives

We are committed to your success. Meet our staff and learn more about how we can help support your success!

The staff in the Office of Retention and Student Success Initiatives are committed to ensuring all students have the necessary supports, both inside and outside of the classroom, to fully realize their academic and personal potential at Ohio State Newark. We strive to enhance student success by encouraging students to identify their individual strengths and take full advantage of campus resources designed to help them succeed. We ask students to give thoughtful consideration to their academic and personal goals leading them to take responsibility for their education, choices, and decisions.

Overview of Services

  • Academic success coaches can build an individualized academic success plan with you
  • Assistance navigating campus resources, policies and procedures
  • Help with difficulties related to academics, health, financial or social needs
  • Provide personalized consultations, peer-assisted learning, workshops and on-demand online modules
  • Development of skills necessary for success in college including learning strategies, study skills and self-regulation

Students Self-schedule an Appointment

Personalized consultations with staff and academic success coaches provide students an opportunity to discuss personal and academic challenges and receive individualized advice tailored to their particular needs.

Login to OnCourse at, and click Schedule an Appointment on your student homepage. Select Student Support Services and Newark Retention & Student Success to schedule with one of our Academic Success Coaches. Appointments are available in-person or virtually over CarmenZoom.

Phone: 740.755.7881

The Road to Success

The Road to Success is a series of self-paced learning modules covering essential strategies for life, college, and academic success. Having a growth mindset, dealing with procrastination, managing your time productively and setting effective goals are some of the essential skills you will learn through these lessons. In addition, some modules provide insights about skills, ideas and/or social issues that impact students’ academic experience, but that also transcend college life. Visit The Road to Success website and start learning these essential skills.

In-Person Workshops

In-person workshops teach students techniques and strategies to manage common academic challenges. They also provide an opportunity to engage with other students and learn how to tackle those challenges successfully. Major topics include:

  • Memory and active learning
  • Procrastination and time management
  • Enhanced note-taking techniques
  • Test-taking strategies
  • College-level reading comprehension
  • Self-regulation and motivational strategies

Download the current schedule of in-person workshops.

StudentLingo Online Workshops

The job of being a good college student requires many different skills. In addition to our in-person learning workshops, we offer access to on-demand study skills seminars covering a variety of topics. Visit the following page to access these 24/7 on-demand workshops:

NOTE to first-time users of StudentLingo: When accessing StudentLingo for the first time, you'll need to create a user profile using your buckeye email. This profile will be used anytime you want to access these on-demand workshops.

Our Values

  • Every student at Ohio State Newark has the potential to succeed.
  • Education takes place most productively in an inclusive, diverse and equitable community.
  • Student success is a combination of academics, personal wellness, and engagement.
  • Students who self-advocate and take responsibility for their education are more likely to succeed.
  • Students receive personalized attention when situations or issues arise that affect their ability to be successful.
  • Smart students take advantage of resources on campus.
  • Campus-wide partnerships are critical to encouraging student success; it takes an entire campus to retain students.

Office of Retention and Student Success Initiatives

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Faculty Corner

Submit an Alert in OnCourse for a student you are concerned about who would benefit from the Office of Retention & Student Success Initiatives providing additional support and resources.

Week 1 Participation Rosters are required by the university. Please be sure to complete a Participation Roster in your Faculty Center every semester. The information shared on students not attending the first week is shared with our office and automatic Alerts are issued. It is not necessary for you to submit individual Alerts in OnCourse on students not attending the first week. However, we do encourage you to submit other Alerts to us anytime throughout the semester; the earlier we can outreach to a student the better!

Phone: 740.755.7881