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Placement Testing and Orientation

Placement Testing and Orientation

Placement Testing

Placement testing in English, foreign languages, and mathematics helps determine the appropriate first course for you to take in Ohio State's course sequence in these academic areas. It is important that you spend time preparing for these tests in advance. Find sample problems for the Math Placement exam and topics covered at

Your ACT or SAT scores, Advanced Placement credit, and any college-level course work you have completed while in high school will determine your placement testing requirements.

While you may bring a copy of your ACT or SAT scores, AP test results, and transcripts of college-level course work with you to orientation, you must arrange to have the official scores and official transcripts sent to the following address:
The Ohio State University
Undergraduate Admissions
P.O. Box 182646
Columbus, OH 43218-2646


Students with disabilities should contact Student Life - Disability Services at 740.364.9578 to make alternate arrangements for taking any
placement test.This includes students with disabilities who may need:

  • extended time
  • a scribe
  • a reader
  • or other support services.

If you have had accommodations in the past and have not met with Student Life - Disability Services to determine the accommodations that will be provided to you at Ohio State Newark, then you need to meet with the Student Life - Disabilities Services prior to completing your placement test.

It is very important that the review for accommodations and then placement testing occurs in the appropriate order. Accommodations are not retroactive, so if a placement test is taken prior to the review by Student Life - Disabilities Services to determine accommodations, it cannot be retaken.

English Placement Testing

Some course credit in English composition is required in all undergraduate programs at Ohio State. Your ACT or SAT scores initially determine if you will take the English placement test.

You are required to take the placement exam if one of the following applies:
  1. Your ACT English score is 18 or below
  2. Your SAT evidence-based reading and writing score is 480 or below
  3. You have an English admission condition

The English Placement Test will be a Carmen Course that students will need to complete once they receive the appropriate instructions following their online registration. Instructions for accessing the course will be sent to your Ohio State email.

Foreign Language Placement Testing

Foreign language testing information can be accessed by visiting the Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures website.

Math Placement Testing

Because most undergraduate programs at Ohio State require some work in mathematics, all entering students are required to take the Math Placement Test.

There are two versions of the Math Placement test: Test B and Test D. (Your orientation confirmation letter indicates which version the student should take.)

  • Test B - ACT math score of 24 or lower (SAT math score of 580 or lower)
  • Test D - ACT math score of 25 or higher (SAT math score of 590 or higher)
Scoring high enough on Test B will allow you to take Test D (precalculus) which may result in a higher placement level.

Before the exam begins, you will be asked to list the math courses you completed in high school and the grade you received for each. Check your high school math courses and grades before taking the exam, so that you can provide accurate information.

NOTE: The Math Placement Exam is used only as a placement tool. No course credit will be given, nor will the exam fulfill any math requirements for your chosen major. The exam has a maximum time limit of 75 minutes. Please provide yourself with an environment that will give you uninterrupted time and an atmosphere conducive for working math problems.

*You should complete this testing requirement a minimum of one week prior to your scheduled orientation date.

Steps to complete the Math Placement Exam: (required prior to Orientation date)

Step 1: Obtain Your Ohio State Username
Go to for more information. If you experience problems related to your username, contact the Office of Information Technology Support Center by email at, by phone at 614-688-HELP, or by TDD at 614-688-8743.

Step 2: Prepare for the Math Placement Exam
We encourage each student to prepare for the exam in advance. Remember this test is used as a placement tool to ensure you start in a math course in which you will be most successful. Refer to the link below for study materials:

Step 3: Take the Math Placement Exam
  1. Go to and login using your Ohio State Username (lastname.#) and password (see Step 1, above).
  2. Thoroughly read the Math Placement Exam instructions, specifically noting the following:
    You may use scratch paper, pencil, and a scientific or graphing calculator (you should not use a calculator with computer symbolic algebra or QWERTY keyboard).
  3. Do not answer a question if you don’t know the answer. It is okay to leave the question blank.
    • The exam is timed for 75 minutes and the time remaining will be updated after you answer each question.
    • The exam is entirely multiple-choice with only one correct answer. Partial credit is not given.

    You are not required to take the Math Placement Exam if:

    • You have received transfer credit for a specific Ohio State math course (e.g., Math 1151).
    • You received General or Deferred/Unknown mathematics credit that has been evaluated by a mathematics counselor exempting you from the exam (refer to Understanding Your Transfer Credit Report for details).
    • You received a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AB or BC Advanced Placement Calculus exam while in high school. You will need to have an official copy of your AP test scores sent directly to Undergraduate Admissions to receive credit.

    College Credit in Mathematics
    If you have taken college math courses and had the transcript(s) of those courses sent from your previous college to Undergraduate Admissions,
    you will be sent a Transfer Credit Report listing your transfer credit.

    Official scores and official transcripts should be sent to the following address:
    The Ohio State University
    Undergraduate Admissions
    P.O. Box 182646
    Columbus, OH 43218-2646

First-year Student Orientation

Please note the Summer 2021 and Autumn 2021 Orientation season will be a virtual experience using the Ohio State University’s learning management system, Carmen.

Register for Orientation

*Please note the SP21 Orientation season will be a virtual experience using the Ohio State University’s learning management system, Carmen.

To register for a First-Year student orientation, watch your Ohio State email. New students will receive an email with instructions to select a virtual orientation date. The orientation date will be the student’s Academic Advising Appointment. The orientation content has been moved to a virtual course format using Carmen and will need to be completed prior to the “orientation” date. We recommend students taking 3-5 days to complete the course in sections.

Students will receive an email confirmation 7-8 days prior to their scheduled orientation date to their Ohio State email account with the following:

  1. Instructions to access the Carmen Orientation Course
  2. their Academic Advising appointment day and time confirmation
  3. Intended major
  4. Phone number

On your assigned orientation date, students should be ready for your Academic Advising appointment by having completed:

  1. the Carmen Orientation Course
  2. scheduling a Student Ambassador appointment (optional)
  3. the Financial Responsibility Statement in your Buckeye Link “To Do List”
  4. any required placement testing
  5. and be logged into a computer, laptop, iPad, etc…

Scheduling classes at Orientation

Scheduling for classes will take place on the students scheduled orientation date. Students will select a morning or afternoon time frame at the time of registration. The Orientation Coordinator will send an email 7-8 days prior to the requested date with a confirmation date and time, and instructions to access the Carmen Orientation Course.

The Carmen Orientation Course will have detailed instructions and videos on how best to prepare for the Academic Advising appointment. Please be sure that you complete the entire Carmen Orientation Course prior to the appointment.

NOTE: Students must complete a Financial Responsibility Statement before you can schedule classes. This is not related to Financial Aid. It is the student’s agreement to pay tuition by the deadline. For instructions, student can go to and review the “To Do List” box.

Freshmen Parents and Guests

The Ohio State Newark First-Year student orientation is a virtual program. Students will be completing the content portion of the orientation process via a Carmen Orientation Course. The scheduled orientation date will be the student's Academic Advising appointment. Even though the system will request a number for guest attendees, there is no need to attend anything. The parent/student support may view the Carmen Orientation Course and be present during the Academic Advising appointment if the student approves.

Important Information about RELEASE OF STUDENT INFORMATION

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, sets forth requirements designed to protect the privacy of student records. Student records are confidential. The only information about a student that may be released without student permission is: name; address; telephone number; major; participant in officially recognized sports and activities; weight and heights of athletic team members; dates of attendance; degrees and awards received; most recent educational agency or institution attended. Students not wishing this information release should contact an academic advisor. Information concerning grades may be released to a parent of a dependent student if a signed release is on file.

Transfer Student Orientation

Please visit this page.

Planning an On Campus Visit


If you decide to stay overnight, lodging is at your own expense. The list of area lodging is provided as a service and does not indicate a recommendation.

Courtyard by Marriott - 740.344.1800 - 500 Highland Blvd, Newark OH 43055 (off Church Street)

Hampton Inn - 740.788.8991 - 1008 Hebron Road (SR 79), Heath, OH 43056

Super 8 Motel - 740.788.9144 -1177 Hebron Road (SR 79), Heath, OH 43056

Holiday Inn Express & Suites - 740.522.0770 - 773 Hebron Road (SR 79), Heath, OH 43056

Cherry Valley Hotel & Ohio Event Center - 740.788.1200 - 2299 Cherry Valley Road, Newark, OH 43055

Granville Inn - 740.587.3333 -314 E Broadway, Granville OH 43023

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If you have questions about completing Placement Tests or attending Orientation, please contact us.

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