Pelotonia team in coordinating Ohio State grey cycling uniforms facing the camera, signaling "1"


As an engaged campus, Ohio State Newark is involved in many initiatives, engaging with both our local community and the world.
Community Intercultural Relations Logo

Intercultural Relations

The mission of the Community Intercultural Relations Committee is to raise awareness of social and cultural similarities and to build an inclusive community. Intercultural communication offers the ability to deal across cultures, which is increasingly important to spread the acceptance of diversity.
Painting of the Newark Earthworks site (in Newark, Ohio)

Newark Earthworks Center

The Newark Earthworks Center is an interdisciplinary academic center of the Ohio State University that supports programs and research about earthen architecture, including earthworks and conical mounds, in order to promote a better understanding of American Indian pre-contact histories and cultures throughout the Great Lakes region.
Sun filtering through a view of a Buckeyeleaf from below

Outreach and Engagement

As one of Ohio State's engaged campuses, we connect our teaching, research, and service to issues that concern our local community and the world.
The SciDome in blue light


The SciDome is a planetarium that delivers a stunning visual exploration of our universe. Inside is a 60-seat theater outfitted with a 30-foot tilted dome to immerse viewers in out-of-this-world adventures. The SciDome, established through an exceptional public/private partnership between Ohio State Newark and The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art & Technology, inspires and entertains the inner scientist in all of us. As a shared facility, the SciDome is open to The Works’ guests and school tours as well as Ohio State Newark classes and programming.