The Ohio State University at Newark

Student Organizations

American Indian and Indigenous Studies Organization

The Objectives of AISO are to expand education of American Indian Studies outside the classroom, develop a network of shared interest, allow members to get involved on campus, and give back to the community

Category: Multicultural | Advisor: John Low | President: Della Barnett

American Sign Language Student Organization

ASLSO Provides a space for students to engage with one another through ASL, to promote Deaf cultural awareness, and to broaden ASL skills through campus and community engagement activities

Category: Multicultural | Advisor: Jamie Bruner | President: Nathan Tobias

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers seek to build a support group for brothers and academic endeavors, share the historical and current African American and other minority cultural beliefs, prvoide a space for minority male students of COTC and Ohio State Newark, extend freindship to students from different regions of the world, and assist students in finding solutions to their issues on campus.

Category: Multicultural | Advisor: Mbwana Jordan | President: Mohamed Sow

Bhutanese American Student Organization

BASO seeks to educate the campus community about Bhutanese Nepali history, culture/traditions and experiences, promote diversity on campus through events and advocacy, organize cultural events to promote cross cultural understanding and seek ways to support students' academic success on campus.

Category: Multicultural | Advisor: Binaya Subedi | President: Sarmila Khatiwoda

Billiards Club

The Billiards Club provides a community on campus for Billiards players to compete and play for leisure.

Category: Recreational | Advisor: Tonia Osborn | President: Damian Cook

Buckeyethon OSU Newark/COTC

Buckeyethon at Ohio State Newark and COTC creates awareness and raises funds for children with cancer, hosts program that enhance the student experience, and promotes the value and spirit of philanthropic service.

Category: Service | Advisor: Justin Khol | President: Jesse McAndrew-

Campus Activities Board

CAB Newark Campus is responsible for many student, faculty, and staff based events. Most of our events are at little or NO cost to participants. The Board is made up of students from OSU and COTC who brainstorm, discuss, and plan activities. Any one can attend our weekly meetings, even if they do no want to be a member, and we welcome any and all event ideas.

Category: Event Programming | Advisor: Erin Hill | President: Jesse McAndrew

Collegiate 4-H Club

The Purpose of this organization is to maintain and increase interest in 4-H, develop leadership, provide an opportunity for wholesome recreation, provide an opportunity to make friends with other college students, and encourage participation in community activities.

Category: Special Interest | Advisor: Lisa McCutcheon | President: Ben Abel

Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach Committee is a group of Central Ohio Technical College and Ohio State Newark students who have a desire to help the local community. The group organizes volunteer events, plans fundraisers and helps raise awareness about social issues throughout local social services agencies.

Category: Service | Advisor: Jennifer Arny | President: Zach Sparks

Creative Crafters Club

Creative Crafters seek to promote creativity, teach and learn new crafting styles, ideas, and techniques, promote friendships amonst people with common crafting interests and provide a fun environment for beginning crafters to learn.

Category: Special Interest | Advisor: Morgan Gregg | President: Alissa Rowe

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club creates a sense of community among those who love to write creatively, helps individual members improve their skills and creative writing abilities, and supports the interests and activities of its members.

Category: Academic | Advisor: Dr. David Ruderman | President: Heidi Forthofer


DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Category: Professional | Advisor: Cheryl Cash | President: Luke Worley

Der Deutschklub von Ohio State Newark

We are a group of students and faculty who are interested in learning and participating in German language and culture.

Category: Academic | Advisor: Stephen Evans | President: Miranda Woodgeard

Ebonye Horizons

Student Organization that promotes African American Awareness on campus. All are welcome.

Category: Multicultural | Advisor: Vorley Taylor | President: Jade Davis

Euchre Club

The Euchre club strives to teach students how to play euchre, enrich social involvement and have fun.

Category: Recreational | Advisor: John Crissinger | President: Terry Gill

Forensic Science Club

The Forensic Science Club Educates students interested in forensic science about the career field and establishes student and professional networks dedicated to the improvement of forensic science

Category: Academic | Advisor: Tim Elliget | President: Kasey Jackson

Global Community K-5

The purpose of the Global Community K-5 organization is to work to create equal educational opportunities for children around the world, hold fundraisers to collect school supplies and monetary donations, educate the local community about global education practices, and to continue learning about the process of becoming a non-profit organization

Category: Service | Advisor: Dioni Viscarri | President: Adrionna McCoy

Habitat for Humanity- Collegiate Challenge

The Habitat for Humanity Student Organization is dedicated to the mission of Habitat for Humanity and participates in the annual Collegiate Challenge. This is an alternative Spring Break trip where the group heads south to help provide quality housing to those in need.

Category: Service | Advisor: Erin Hill | President: Roman Lee

Introspect- Psychology Club

The objectives and purposes of Introspect are to promote, enhance and further develop educational and social achievements and interests in psychology; influence the conditions under which prospective members are being prepared for their professional role in society, and advance the interest and welfare of the prospective members. Activities sponsored by Introspect include community service, volunteer work, bake sales, cookouts, ice skating, bonfires, bowling, movie nights, and attending research conferences.

Category: Special Interest | Advisor: Dr. Jim Wirth | President: Zach Sparks

Journey Campus Ministry

Journey Campus Ministry is a unified body of students dedicated to the search for God's purpose in our lives. This often means that we can not be followers; rather, that we must set ourselves apart from what is considered to be the norm or present day trend. We welcome all who want to obey what Jesus called the greatest two commandments; to love God and one another.

Category: Faith-Based | Advisor: Dr. Ken Madsen | President: Vittoria Glover

Laurel Collegiate Society

LCS is the honors and high ability student organization. Students must have a 3.4 GPA or better to actively serve. We have a student lounge for work and social activities in the Warner Center. We organize extracurricular activities that are academically-based throughout the year. We provide support and enrichment outside of the classroom for motivated and high-ability students.

Category: Academic | Advisor: Willie Ho | President: Sarah Oleson

Life Olympics

Life Olympics is a faith based organization that creates a safe community for students to talk about roadblocks in life, provides Christian based advice and introduces Christian beliefs and value to non-believers and those who believe alike.

Category: Faith-Based | Advisor: Lauren Herbruck | President: Jalauna Phillips

Muslim Student Organization

The Purpose of the MSA is to : Get students involved with campus events; Unite all students who are willing to share and learn more about each other and our culture; Have an international day, invite guest speakers and establish programs on the Newark campus, so that students of different cultures can share with campus community such as fashion, food and lectures; Hold events that will explore social and political concerns;. Establish Muslim prayer meetings; Collaborate with other organization on campus; and Gain further knowledge about the appropriate conduct and behaviors of Islam.

Category: Faith-Based | Advisor: Dr. Ken Madsen | President: Fahria Abdi

Ohio State/COTC Intramurals

Intramural sports provide an opportunity for students of all skill levels to stay active and compete weekly with other students. Each year, approximately 750 Newark Campus students participate in a variety of Intramural events. A specific Intramurals bulletin board with information and schedules for each quarter is located in Adena Hall between the Men's and Women's locker rooms.

Category: Recreational | Advisor: Lazaro Fuentes | President: Lazaro Fuentes

Phi Theta Kappa

COTC's Chapter of the international two year honorary that seeks to recognize academic achievement of college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders

Category: Academic | Advisor: Holly Mason | President: Angela Emler

PRIDE Out Loud- OSU Newark/COTC

PRIDE seeks to provide a safe and supportive environment for the exploration of issues pertaining to sexual orientation and non- traditional gender identity, encourage social ties amongst supportive students faculty and staff, and to sponsor outreach and education events to increase the understanding of these issues on campus.

Category: Multicultural | Advisor: Erin Hill, Max Gulick, and Beth Wallace | President: Parker Sloan

Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology.

Category: Academic | Advisor: Melissa Buelow | President: Arisha Rahman

Radiologic Technology Student Organization

Organization to promote professionalism and involvement within professional societies/organizations.

Category: Professional | Advisor: Whitney Reese | President: Ashley Mahaffey

Society of Engineering Technology

Society of Engineering Technology (SET) - a student club at COTC and OSU Newark. This organization is made up of undergraduate and graduate students whom are currently enrolled or alumni in any engineering technology field available at COTC and OSU Newark. SET's purpose is to raise awareness of educational & career opportunities available to a student's preferred engineering technology field. This may include the following but not limited to: Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing.

Category: Academic | Advisor: Whitney Tussing | President: Adam Taylor

Student Cultural Council

The objectives and purposes of the Student Cultural Council (SCC) are to support designated programs offered by the Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs through advertisements, demonstrations, and participation as well as support other cultural and diverse organizations.

Category: Multicultural | Advisor: Vorley Taylor | President: Arisha Rahman

Student Democrats

This organization raises awareness of the Democratic Party's views and platforms, educates the student population about all political positions, and works to create an environment conducive to debate and study of political issues.

Category: Political | Advisor: Dr. Jane Harf | President: Michael Nyeste

Student Government

Student Government

Category: Student Governance | Advisor: Holly Mason | President: Roman Lee

Tabletop and Roleplaying Gaming Club

The TRG Club seeks to engage young peoplein team building, to creatively cause and solve problems in a safe environment, to provide a safe, interesting, and welcoming environment, and to engage in fellowship and fun on an intellectual level

Category: Recreational | Advisor: Josepth McCartney | President: Joel Harvey

Viva Cultura

The purpose of Viva Cultural is to bring awareness to Hispanic and Latino cultures, educate on issues such as immigration, bring the Newark community together through Latino and Hispanic activities and raise funds for organizations that directly impact the Latino and Hispanic communities.

Category: Multicultural | Advisor: Ferdinand Avila-Medina | President: Arnaldo Gonzalez Calero