The Ohio State University at Newark

Student Employment Hiring Process

These steps apply to the positions in Area 1 of Current Job Openings


Step 1

Apply for a Position
  1. Review current job openings on Area 1 Student Employment website.
  2. Complete application and submit electronic form
    • Application will be forwarded to supervisor(s) for consideration

Step 2

Secure a Position
  1. Promptly respond to any contact from supervisor.
  2. Follow-up with supervisor(s) concerning application if needed.
  3. Interview, ask questions and be clear about supervisor's expectations
  4. Accept or decline job offer, whichever is applicable
  5. Repeat step 1, if needed

Step 3

Complete "On Boarding" Process
  1. New student employee instructions will be sent via OSU email after the hiring supervisor initiates the 'on-boarding" process (step 3-supervisor).
  2. Follow ALL of the "New Student Employee Instructions" sent to your school email.
  3. Follow "welcome" instructions sent to your school email
  4. Discuss start date with supervisor
  5. Refer to the Employee Handbook for program specifics.


Step 1

Create a Position

  1. Request a template from Coordinator
  2. Complete template, send to Coordinator for a job# and pay rate
  3. Request description to be posted (if needed)

Step 2

Select a Student

  1. Review applications as they are received via interoffice mail
  2. Conduct interviews
  3. Contact applicants regarding their application status
  4. Request job posting to be removed from website (if applicable)

Step 3

Initiate "On-Boarding" Process

  1. Complete "Intent to Hire" form.
  2. This will:
    • Start the background check and work permit processes (if applicable)
    • Cause student's current eligibility status to be verified
    • Prompt on-boarding instructions to be sent to student (supervisor will be cc'd)
    • Prompt a DocuSign Envelope (new hire paperwork) to be sent to student
    • Generate a Payroll Authorization (if a background check and/or work permit are not required)
  3. Create your file for new hire paperwork/information

Step 4

Complete "On-Boarding" Process

  1. Complete Supervisor Section of Payroll Authorization
  2. Re-enforce/support the student in completing their on-boarding steps
    • When the on boarding process is complete the student will receive a "welcome" email (supervisor will be cc'd) with instructions on direct deposit, W-4, how to access etimecard, etc (step 3 - student).
  3. Refer to the Supervisor Handbook for program specifics.

The Hiring Process for positions in Area 2 of the Current Job Openings are unique for each position

Book Store
Dining Services
Information Technology Services

TIP: It never hurts to check in with individual supervisors to show interest in their posted position. It gives the supervisor an opportunity to meet the applicant, and put a face with a name.

Have questions? Email Financial Aid.