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2018 Student Research Forum Winners Announced

NEWARK, Ohio, March 23, 2018 — Eighteen students at The Ohio State University at Newark showcased their research at the 14th Annual Student Research Forum held March 21 in the John Gilbert Reese Center on the Newark campus.

Student participants gave poster presentations as well oral presentations followed by question and answer sessions. Both were judged in separate categories divided between students presenting completed research and students who are proposing research topics.

Organizer of the event, Associate Professor Nathanial Swigger said, “We had a wonderful group of presenters, and I am so proud of the work that they have done and are continuing to do. They really demonstrate our campus’ twin missions of education and research, and show the community the great work that is being done on the Newark campus.”

The full list of winners follows:

Oral Presentation, Completed Research
First Place – Ross Boley: "Tolerance is a Virtue: The Relation Between Burden Tolerance and Exclusion.”
Second Place – Edward J. Cox IV: "Hell on the Wabash."

Oral Presentation, Proposed Research
First Place – Nicholas Clawson: "Recognizing the Dark Sky of a Local State Park and Its Scientific Potential."
Second Place – James Sullivan: "A Gap Year: Why Students, Universities and America Should Say Yes!”

Poster Presentation, Proposed Research
First Place – Zachary Sparks: "The Goldilocks Effect: Determining When Eye Contact is Not Too Much or Not Too Little."
Second Place – Calaudia A. Kuchan: "Help! I Need Somebody. Help! Not Just Anybody! Determining Who Ostracized Individuals Want to Interact With.”

Poster Presentation, Completed Research
First Place – Meisha Runyon: "Decision Making as a Function of Delusion Proneness."
Second Place – Tom Crook: "The Effect of Effort on Iowa Gambling Task Performance.”

L to R 1st place winners: Ross Boley, Zachary Sparks, Dr. Nathanial Swigger, Nicholas Clawson and Meisha Runyon.

L to R 2nd place winners: Calaudia A. Kuchan, James Sullivan and Edward J. Cox IV. Not pictured Tom Crook.

First place award winners received a $200 cash prize; second place award winners received a $100 cash prize.

To learn more about the Student Research Forum or about student research at Ohio State Newark, contact Nathaniel Swigger, associate professor of political science, at

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