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2020 Student Research Forum Winners Announced

April 7, 2020

In early March, twenty-five undergraduate students at The Ohio State University at Newark were diligently preparing presentations showcasing results of their mentored academic research. Ohio State Newark’s 16th Annual Student Research Forum, where the students planned to present research projects and proposals to a faculty panel of judges and the campus community, had been scheduled for March 18. Unfortunately, this premier annual student event became one of the first Newark campus events to be cancelled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Associate Professor Nathaniel Swigger, PhD, however, wanted to find a way to both acknowledge the tremendous student efforts involved and provide an alternative forum for presentations. He quickly arranged a virtual research forum, allowing students to make videos of their presentation and submit them online along with a PDF or PowerPoint of the poster or oral presentation.

Both were judged in separate categories divided between students presenting completed research and students who are proposing research topics.

“We had a wonderful group of presenters, and I am so proud of the work that they have done and are continuing to do. They really demonstrate our campus’ twin missions of education and research, and show the community the great work that is being done on the Newark campus, said Swigger.”

The list of winners follows:

Oral Presentation, Completed Research
First Place – Lauren Marks-Strauss: “Interconnected Imperialism, Policy and People: The
Refugee Crisis in the United States.”
Second Place – Erin Becker: “Women in the Army During World War Two: Joining,
Defying and Changing.”

Poster Presentation, Proposed Research
First Place – Michelle Rogers & Abigail Sedziol: “Kids Got Rhythm: Rhythmic Priming of Children’s Speech Prosody.”
Second Place – Austin Brammer & Ian McTeague: “Mind the Gap: Pause Persistence with Adults and Children.”

Poster Presentation, Completed Research
First Place – Logan E. Graves & Jessica L. Parker: “Effects of Stimulus Intensity and Signal-to-noise Ratio on Inverse Effectiveness.”
Second Place – Jacob Roahrig: “A Biopsychosocial Approach to Understanding Early
Season Influenza Vaccination Behavior.”

First place award winners received a $200 cash prize; second place award winners received a $100 cash prize.

To view presentations* online, go to:

This annual event is open to students of all disciplines conducting work under the direction of an Ohio State Newark faculty member or lecturer. The forum aims to increase collaborative, student-faculty research endeavors at the Newark campus, to encourage participation in honors research, and to further the goals of The Ohio State University Denman Undergraduate Research Forum and The Ohio State University Undergraduate Research Office at the Newark Campus.

To learn more about the Student Research Forum or about student research at Ohio State Newark, contact Nathaniel Swigger at

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*Only presentations that were given permission by the student to be viewed online will be shown.