The Ohio State University at Newark

Audition Dates Scheduled for Oedipus Rex

August 4, 2021

The Ohio State University at Newark’s Black Box Theater announces audition dates for the November production of Oedipus Rex, a Greek tragedy by Sophocles.

Auditions are open to the public and are on Tuesday, Sept. 7 and Wednesday, Sept. 8, at 7 p.m. at The Black Box Theater in LeFevre Hall, 1199 University Drive, on the shared campus of Ohio State Newark and Central Ohio Technical College.

All potential cast and crew are requested to submit an Audition Contact Form available at Additional information about audition requirements and performance dates can be found at the same location. Persons interested in crew positions should attend at least one audition night for a short interview. The play is directed by Ohio State Newark Senior Lecturer Edie L. Norlin.

Oedipus Rex unfolds as part murder mystery, political thriller and psychological whodunit. Throughout this legendary Greek story of patricide and incest, Sophocles presents the irony of a good man determined to track down, expose and punish a King’s assassin, only to discover the man he’s looking for is himself. The swift and utter downfall of this gifted leader is explored through themes of fate vs. free will, guilt vs. shame, and sight vs. blindness. The brutal truths of Oedipus’s life are flayed before Thebes, his family and his gods, creating the consummate tragic hero that remains unmatched to this day.

Note: Throughout auditions and rehearsals all COVID-19 precautions will be adhered to including the use of masks and social distancing. Each participant is responsible for providing and being in possession of their own mask at all times. All participants are required to follow The Ohio State University COVID-19 guidelines and precautions or they will not be allowed to participate.

The play is performed through arrangement with Georges Borchardt, Inc., on behalf of the Estate of Robert Fagles. All rights reserved. For more information, contact Norlin at

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