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February 10, 2020

Students who enroll in education abroad programs earn college credits or even internship experience. However, those are just a fraction of what many students gain from education abroad Alumni report academic, career and emotional success after participating in an education abroad program, according to studies by the University of California, Merced. Confidence, friendship, new perspectives and a love of travel are what The Ohio State University at Newark psychology major Audrey Waymire obtained from participating in an education abroad trip to Liverpool, England.

She was one of 18 students who took classes, traveled and completed projects together during the spring semester of 2019. The Past, Present and Future of Liverpool program introduces students to the history, literature and culture of Liverpool, England, examining it as a microcosm of the past three centuries of British history.

For Waymire and many others, these opportunities broaden their perspectives, help them gain confidence and inspire them to continue traveling. She noted that going to places like the Tate Modern gallery and the Merseyside Maritime Museum were very impactful. She considers the time getting to know her peers in a more casual setting while visiting locations notable for their significance to The Beatles and learning about the music group’s influence invaluable. They also visited Chester and Wales where Waymire said the architecture, scenery and people were “absolutely unforgettable.”

“The Merseyside Maritime Museum has an exhibit about slavery that really opened my eyes more to what slaves went through,” Waymire said. “Studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime. It took me to a new part of the world, gave me amazing experiences and helped me learn how to put myself out there.”

Her first education abroad experience has led her to enroll in a second. She will travel to Paris in May as a part of the Global May program. The two-week trip enables students to explore the social, cultural and geographical history of Paris focusing on how the evolution of specific sites have shaped the city.

“Since going to Liverpool, I’ve been looking for another opportunity to travel, see another part of the world and learn about a different culture again -- and I’ve always wanted to go to Paris,” said Waymire. “Ohio State Newark has made studying abroad extremely easy because I know exactly who to go to about trips and scholarships to pay for them.”

Ohio State Newark education abroad trips are highly subsidized to either completely pay for the trip or pay the majority of expenses. Currently, the total funds awarded to Ohio State Newark students for education abroad for 2019-2020 stands at $55,360 with more to be awarded in the next few months. Half of that total has come from the Paul B. and Mable D. Jones Fund for Study Abroad, a fund that was made possible by a planned gift from Mable Jones who was an avid traveler and supporter of travel as educational opportunity. Students can receive funds for education abroad whether they are Ohio State Newark led trips or Columbus campus trips. This has allowed students to travel to Australia, Japan, China, Greece, South Korea and many other countries. Ohio State Newark even reimburses students for the cost of their passport.

Waymire wants to encourage other students to pursue an education abroad program because of the array of benefits she has experienced and anticipates obtaining from her upcoming trip to and class about Paris.

“I feel like participating in education abroad has set me up for success because it shows that I can put myself out there and adapt to different environments,” she said. “It has definitely influenced who I am as a person.”

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