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Border Wall Photo Exhibit on the Road

February 19, 2019

The Ohio State University at Newark Associate Professor of Geography Kenneth Madsen’s extensive collection of photographs and maps of the U.S. – Mexico border fences and walls previously displayed in the LeFevre Art Gallery during the autumn semester has hit the road. The collection, Up Close with U.S. – Mexico Border Barriers, has been split up to be displayed at the Dayton International Peace Museum and Sinclair College also located in Dayton, Ohio.

The exhibit photographs showcase the varying types of barriers along the border and places them in geographic context for communities unable to see the fences and walls in person. Maps accompanying the exhibit are the result of Madsen’s realization of the need for a comprehensive look at the laws being waived for border barrier construction.

Photographs and maps featuring the California, New Mexico and Texas sections of the border walls and fences are being displayed at the Dayton International Peace Museum while those featuring the Arizona sections are displayed at the Sinclair College library.

For some the existence of the U.S. – Mexico border fences and walls only recently gained their attention, but Madsen, has had an eye on them for over 20 years. “I have been learning about U.S. – Mexico border fences and walls since I undertook a class project on the topic in spring 1998 for a course I was taking on the Arizona-Sonora border at Arizona State University. From there the topic bloomed and it ended up being the focus for my master’s thesis in 1999,” he said.

The Dayton International Peace museum held an opening reception for their portion of the exhibit on Saturday, Feb. 16. Dr. Madsen gave several public talks and class lectures on his work and the portion of the exhibit at Sinclair College on Monday, Feb. 18. The take-down date for each display is March 29.

Madsen has been tapped by news outlets ranging from CNBC to the Los Angeles Times for his expertise on the U.S. – Mexico border barriers and the laws being waived for their construction.

He received his Ph.D. in geography from Arizona State University in 2005. He has been teaching at Ohio State Newark since 2008.

For more information about each display:
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