The Ohio State University at Newark

Community Welcomes Ohio State Newark Students at Convocation 2015

August 25, 2015—Newark, OH—The Ohio State University at Newark officially welcomed first year students at the 2015 Convocation. This year’s convocation was held at The Midland Theatre, where Dean/Director William L. MacDonald greeted hundreds of first year students.

Students also received a warm greeting from OSU President Michael V. Drake via video. After which, Newark Mayor Jeff Hall welcomed students to Newark, and introduced them to the many great activities and things to do in the community.

The theme of this year’s Convocation was service learning and giving back to the community. Students were presented with an introduction to the various service learning opportunities available at Ohio State Newark, many of which are closely connected to the Newark community.

Some service learning courses that were discussed are Corrections: An Inside-Out Course, New Orleans: Mardi Gras Indians Documentary and a psychology course that involves volunteering for various organizations who work with individuals with Williams Syndrome.

Dr. MacDonald and a panel of faculty and community members introduced and discussed how students can get involved in local organizations. The panel shared positive experiences from study abroad programs and student research.

After Convocation at The Midland Theatre, students exited to the sound of the school's alma mater, "Carmen Ohio" as they walked to The Works. They mingled and dined with community leaders, faculty and staff at the Community Welcome Reception at The Works Museum Courtyard.