The Ohio State University at Newark

Convocation 2022 (Photo Gallery)

August 23, 2022

Convocation, the official welcome event at Ohio State for first-year students, was held on Monday, Aug. 22. Students heard from university leaders, faculty, administrators, and special guests, and were introduced to some time-honored university traditions.

Ohio State Newark has gained about 1,100 new first-year students this year. “Believe it or not, first-year students at the Newark campus this fall represent about half of the campus’ student population,” said Dean/Director William L. MacDonald, PhD. Noting that students are part of one “magnificently massive” Ohio State family, MacDonald encouraged them all to leave their mark.

“So how do you leave your mark in such a huge family? You can start by mixing and mingling and getting to know your family. It’s friendly. Don’t sit by and watch. Join in. Take the lead. Ohio State offers you enormous opportunities to grow, but you must engage the ignition. The light is green. The moment is yours.”

At Convocation, students participated in the "bridge walk," crossing the bridge at McConnell Pointe to receive scarlet and gray tassels from awaiting faculty. This serves as a reminder that their hard work over the next few years will lead them to their goal: graduation.