The Ohio State University at Newark

Dancing Borders, Moving Walls

April 2, 2019

Existing at the intersection of motion and gender, On Board(hers) is an all-woman dance project based on the testimonies of Ohio-based female immigrants created and led by Lucille Toth, Ph.D., assistant professor of French. She will give an overview of the project, how she recruited the women she works with and the emotional, artistic, cultural and moral challenges and questions explored during their monthly workshops at an upcoming Faculty Talks Outside the Box lecture on Tuesday, Apr. 9 at 6:30 p.m. in room #110 of Hopewell Hall.

“I decided to study dance and immigration because, as a dance scholar and a female immigrant myself, I felt the responsibility to respond to the current discourse on immigration,” said Toth. “Through my scholarly and creative work, I try to create an archive of voices and movements that aim to change this narrative and place individual stories as our current local and global history.”

On Broad(hers) proposes that there are rich dynamics about social constructs of borders, agency and empathy and raises questions such as: How can we identify and examine different types of borders in and through movement, especially in relation to and through dance?

“I was amazed to see the large interest and response. People want to hear immigrants’ stories, and they are ready to open a discussion that goes beyond feelings of fear and violence,” said Toth. “This project seeks to give female immigrants the tools to cope with the trauma that is immigration, and use dance as way to express themselves freely.”

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Photo credit: Zane Miller