The Ohio State University at Newark

Enrollment Grows at The Ohio State University at Newark

NEWARK, Ohio, October 19. 2015 — Enrollment at The Ohio State University at Newark was up slightly more than three percent autumn semester. The total number of students currently attending classes at Ohio State Newark is 2,476.

“We are happy to have an increase in enrollment as the demographic trends continue to show us that there will be a decrease in the number of high school students graduating for the next several years,” said Ohio State Newark Director of Enrollment Diane Kanney. “Ohio State Newark continues to be the right place for many students to begin their degree or complete their degree.”

Residential housing available at Ohio State Newark means students come to campus from around the state. However, the top Ohio counties where students come from are Franklin and Licking. Ohio State Newark also saw a nearly 10 percent increase in transfer applications this autumn.

“Ohio State Newark is a residential campus and a commuter campus,” said Kanney. “Students choose our campus because we have the right combination of a small college feel with big school opportunities. Students can live at home or live on campus. It’s up to them. Of course, having access to the Columbus campus is a bonus for our students as well.”

Students from many ethnic backgrounds attend Ohio State Newark. Nearly 25 percent of the student body consists of minority students. That diversity creates a unique atmosphere on a regional campus and a fantastic opportunity for learning.

“Our student body’s cultural diversity is exciting,” said Ohio State Newark Dean Dr. William MacDonald. “This fall, 24.7% of students at the Newark campus are minority students. That’s higher than the 18.6% of Columbus campus undergraduates who are minorities. Such diversity provides an opportunity for student growth that is not as prevalent at campuses that are less diverse. Every student here interacts regularly with others who have very different life experiences. Our student culture is a kaleidoscopically rich ocean of beliefs, perspectives, norms, and values, and that richness boosts students’ creativity and innovation.”

High school students are also part of the growth. In the first year under the new College Credit Plus program, 71 high school students are participating at Ohio State Newark. The purpose of the College Credit Plus program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready high school students at no cost.

The Ohio State University at Newark offers the best of the Big Ten educational experience, access to many of Ohio State’s vast array of majors, a rich research heritage, and academic excellence.