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Ohio State Collaboration with Apple Creates University-Wide Digital Learning Initiative

NEWARK, OH, Mar. 15, 2018— Beginning autumn semester 2018, all first-year students at all campuses of The Ohio State University will be given access to Apple technology as part of the university’s digital learning initiative to support educational innovation for students and economic development opportunities for the community.

First-year students will be given a free iPad package that includes the iPad Pro, smart keyboard, case, Apple pencil, Apple Care+ and a suite of applications to enhance their learning experience. The digital learning initiative also encompasses access to coding classes and an application development lab. Faculty are also being given access to the technology and coding classes to support classroom integration across all academic disciplines.

The application development lab on the Columbus campus will offer technological training and certification to students, staff and members of the broader community interested in developing apps in Swift, the Apple programming language.

The goal of the initiative is to provide students with tools to enhance their career-readiness for the technological economy in which we live.

“I believe that the Digital Flagship initiative has the potential to do many things. For some courses, the iPad will be a tool that professors and students use collectively and with multimedia technology in the classroom to engage with subject matter,” said The Ohio State University at Newark Dean/Director William L. MacDonald. “I am excited about that kind of experience, but I am even more excited about what we have yet to imagine doing with the technology.”

A pilot program that put the technology into five courses on the Ohio State Columbus campus during the spring 2018 semester has seen success. A team of students, administrators and developers visited Apple’s Cupertino, California, headquarters for a three-day intensive design session. They brainstormed ideas and ran through student scenarios in order to build out the wireframe of an app focused on incoming Ohio State students. Students in journalism, civil rights, chemistry and biology classes participated in the initial experience of working with the new technology in the classroom this spring.

Interested faculty are currently entering into the Digital Flagship Educators Cohorts to be fully prepared for utilization of the iPads in the classroom.

“I am very excited for our students particularly at the possibilities afforded by this partnership with Apple. I place students in internships during their final years in college, and I’m very aware of how much organizations rely on our students to know how to work in online formats. This partnership will make it easier for us to teach those skills,” said Ohio State Newark Professor of English Elizabeth Weiser. “I signed up to be in the initial cohort of faculty trained to teach with iPads, and I’m looking forward to helping my students – and learning from my students - as we move into this new arena.”

Students can expect to receive the iPad package during orientation throughout the summer. Ohio State will retain ownership of the technology suite until the time of a student’s graduation when ownership is passed on to the student.

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