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Ohio State Dance and BalletMet2 Collaborative Tour to Perform at Ohio State Newark

January 9, 2020

The Ohio State University Department of Dance and BalletMet2 Collaborative 2019-2020 Tour, DaNCe2U#mentalhealth, utilizes dance to ignite discussion about mental health issues with two 20th century choreographic masterworks excerpts: the ballet "The Four Temperaments" by George Balanchine and the modern dance "Rooms" by Anna Sokolow. The tour will perform at The Ohio State University at Newark on Friday, January 31 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in the Black Box Theater located in LeFevre Hall. It is free and open to the public.

DaNCe2U#mentalhealth tours two masterworks in the dance canon to foster discussion about mental health and its stigma, Anna Sokolow’s "Rooms" from 1954 set to music by Kenyon-Hopkins and George Balanchine’s "The Four Temperaments" from 1946 set to music by Hindemith. "The Four Temperaments" refers to the four humors of the Ancient Greek Philosophy: sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic. "Rooms", sections “Alone” (isolation), “Panic” (anxiety), “Desire” (unrequited love), “The End” (inner turmoil) and “Daydream” (feelings of longing) all align with aspects of mental health in today’s society.

The performances will serve as the vehicle for a panel afterward to facilitate awareness and to reduce the stigma around those who experience mental health challenges.

The tour is a collaboration among the Department of Dance, BalletMet and University Libraries. BalletMet2 and Ohio State Dance are funded by a Provost’s Arts and Humanities Discovery Themes grant, the Ohio State Energy Partners Grant, and the Dance Preservation Fund. For more information visit

LeFevre Hall is located at 1199 University Drive, Newark, Ohio.

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