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Ohio State Newark College Credit Plus Student Recently Elected to Village Council Seat

NEWARK, Ohio, January 26, 2016 — Olivia Newbold knows how to multitask. The 18-year-old from Thornville in Perry County is in her senior year at Sheridan High School, taking college classes two days a week on the campus of The Ohio State University at Newark through the College Credit Plus program and is serving on the Thornville Village Council.

“I’ve always liked government and politics and public service,” said Newbold. “I had a history teacher in eighth grade, Mr. Smith, who encouraged me to follow my dream and pursue public service.”

Newbold is also a high school cheerleader. When she decided to run for office, she found herself learning to balance many responsibilities. Newbold would collect signatures for her petition to get on the ballot after she came home from cheerleading practice. “Now, I’m the mascot for the high school basketball team,” said Newbold. “Sometimes I have to miss games to attend village council meetings.”

That’s not the only struggle Newbold faces. She realized during the election campaign that because of her age she had to prove to voters that she was serious about the job. Newbold knows that will continue to be an issue. “I had to work hard at making people understand that this was a serious thing for me, and I did seek a position on council to make a difference,” said Newbold. “I understand that any young person trying to break in to a professional field has to work hard to be taken seriously.”

This semester, Newbold is taking courses including anthropology and art education at Ohio State Newark. Newbold could have taken the college courses at her high school, but believes she is learning a lot by physically coming to campus. “I like the campus atmosphere. If you’re on campus you take everything more seriously. You devote more time to the classes.”

Newbold plans to continue at Ohio State Newark next year when she is a freshman in college. She may eventually transition to the Columbus campus and is looking at majoring in either political science or environmental engineering with a goal of continuing on to law school. However, she doesn’t plan to leave Thornville. “I’ve lived in Thornville all my life. I’d like to continue my residency there,” said Newbold. “I want to help progress the village in the way that the villagers see fit with more focus on parks and recreation and community involvement. I would like to see the villagers become more aware of what is going on in their local government.”

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