The Ohio State University at Newark

Ohio State Newark Holds Graduation Celebration

NEWARK, OH, April 29, 2015 — On Monday, April 27, The Ohio State University at Newark recognized graduates who completed all or the majority of their degrees at the Newark campus. During the 2014-15 academic year there were 9 master’s, 102 bachelor’s and 354 associate degree candidates and recipients.

“How can you, as graduates of The Ohio State University, bring out the best in everyone around you?” was the message by keynote speaker Timothy Gerber, Ph.D., professor of music at The Ohio State University. “To understand and celebrate our differences can bring out our best. To be included and respected can bring out our best. And so today as you go forward with your lives, I ask not what you bring, but what you bring out in others. I hope it’s the best,” he challenged graduates.

Students of the Newark campus participate in the official commencement ceremony of the university held in Columbus. Summer term (SU) and autumn semester (AU) graduates received their degrees on August 10, 2014, and December 21, 2014, respectively. Spring semester (SP) graduates will receive their degrees on May 10, 2015.

Master’s degree candidates (grouped by hometown):

Megan Dailey, Coshocton (SP)

Angela Kirker, Coshocton (SP)

Amy Lister, Granville (SP)

Michelle Duncan, Lancaster (SP)

Amy Seager, Lancaster (SP)

Angie Lander, Kaiser, Newark (SP)

Benjamin Stein, Newark (SP)

Megan Meade, Pataskala (SP)

Megan Weidig, Zanesville (SP)

Bachelor’s degree recipients and candidates (grouped by hometown):

Adam Myers, Bexley (AU)

Adam Swinehart, Blacklick (SU)

Hayley Meredith, Blacklick (AU)

Lydia Jolly, Blacklick (SP)

Kiley Key, Blacklick (SP)

Meghan Martin, Blacklick (SP)

Angela Beekman, Centerburg (AU)

Fatmata Adams, Columbus (SU)

Ashley Clark-kirk, Columbus (AU)

Annissia Collins, Columbus (SP)

Jennifer Doone, Columbus (SP)

Da'Mika Hawkins, Columbus (SP)

Cassidy Minor, Columbus (SP)

Angel Montgomery, Columbus (SP)

Cody Price, Columbus (SP)

Marcos Valencia, Columbus (SP)

Renee Thompson, Columbus (SP)

Shelby Jacobs, Coshocton (SP)

Steven Lowe, Etna (SP)

Ashley Luu, Gahanna (AU)

Melissa Little, Gahanna (SP)

Ruth Larick, Gahanna (SP)

Jessica Charles, Glenford (SU)

McKenzie Snider, Glenford (SP)

Andrew Plute, Granville (AU)

Carolyn Dunifon, Granville (SP)

Alyssa Caldwell, Grove City (SP)

Heather Kurella, Heath (SU)

Katherine Benitez-Schaefer, Heath (AU)

Anna Harper, Heath (AU)

Andrew Kalmar, Heath (SP)

Christina McConnell, Heath (SP)

Amy McGuire, Heath (SP)

Alexandrea McIntire, Heath (SP)

Crystal Harding, Howard (AU)

Kyle Higgins, Johnstown (AU)

Holly Snyder, Lancaster (SP)

Kelly Haist, Mount Vernon (SP)

Lindsey Rike, Mount Vernon (SP)

Caleb Koonts, Nashport (SU)

Cara Reighard, New Albany (SP)

Haley Crossley, Newark (SU)

Mary Dwyer, Newark (SU)

Megan Evans, Newark (SU)

Jonathan Gimpel, Newark (SU)

Kevin Bailey, Newark (AU)

Corinne Bates, Newark (AU)

William Crothers, Newark (AU)

Heather Danna, Newark (AU)

Sarah Gorley, Newark (AU)

Morgan Longstreth, Newark (AU)

Kelsi Rakestraw, Newark (AU)

Joshua Robison, Newark (AU)

Renee Spicer, Newark (AU)

Shauna Vahalik, Newark (AU)

Mae Altman, Newark (SP)

Leslie Bline, Newark (SP)

Rosa Bolen, Newark (SP)

Eric Boles, Newark (SP)

Wyatt Bowman, Newark (SP)

Bonnie Brooks, Newark (SP)

Brittany Butler, Newark (SP)

Rebekah Clark, Newark (SP)

Evan Daverio, Newark (SP)

Emily Gall, Newark (SP)

Reid Holbert, Newark (SP)

Caitlyn Kennedy, Newark (SP)

Emily Kurczyn, Newark (SP)

Arica Markley, Newark (SP)

Destiny Meyers, Newark (SP)

Tayler O'Donnell, Newark (SP)

Kayla Palmiter, Newark (SP)

Christine Rager, Newark (SP)

Alexander Rolletta, Newark (SP)

Emily Wagner, Newark (SP)

Hunter Webster, Newark (SP)

Sarah Rutledge, Pataskala (SU)

Brianne Heilman, Pataskala (AU)

Jaimee Hilton, Pataskala (AU)

Jenna Evans, Pataskala (SP)

Dawn Scarrett, Pickerington (SU)

Katelyn Reed, Pickerington (SP)

Anita Roese, Pickerington (SP)

Rita Kaushik, Reynoldsburg (SU)

Janet Campbell, Reynoldsburg (SP)

Jennifer Mason, Reynoldsburg (SP)

Sydney Rohlck, Reynoldsburg (SP)

Cecilia Feick, Saint Louisville (SP)

Emily Fischer, Saint Louisville (SP)

Abby Rhodes, Somerset (SP)

Sarah Williams (SU)nbury (SP)

Kara Daniels, Thornville (SP)

Brittany Elgersma, Thornville (SP)

Meagan Kelley, Thornville (SP)

Andrew Crawford, Utica (SU)

Elise Rammell, Utica (SP)

K'ree Wright, Warsaw (SP)

Beth Crooks, Zanesville (SU)

Melissa Baker, Zanesville (SP)

Kirsten Latus, Zanesville (SP)

Alaina Mathers, Zanesville (SP)

Kristin McKee, Zanesville (SP)