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Ohio State Newark Hosted Alliance for the American Dream Forum

July 3, 2018

NEWARK, OH, July 3, 2018— The recent launch of the Alliance for the American Dream partnership program between The Ohio State University and Schmidt Futures aims to generate innovative ideas to increase economic opportunities for local families. The Ohio State University at Newark hosted a forum on June 22 to generate ideas for Newark and Licking County.

The forum engaged more than 40 members of the campus and regional community in the awareness and ideation process toward the goal of identifying approaches to increasing income or reducing the cost of living by 10 percent for 10,000 households by 2020.

The ideation sessions brought up many issues experienced throughout the county. One group of forum attendees discussed lack of public transportation, a lack of affordable housing and underemployment as concerns that they have observed in the Newark and Licking County community. The group also discussed the creation or expansion of financial literacy programs to help those in the community to understand how to manage their money and find the resources they need should an emergency arise.

“The ideas our community members contributed were thoughtful, practical, and promising. Everyone was prepared to participate, and I look forward to the next phase of the project,” said Ohio State Newark Dean and Director William L. MacDonald.

Ohio State will be collecting ideas online until July 15. Ideas can be submitted to After the submission process closes, the university will select ten ideas to further develop. Ten teams will work through November to develop their concepts, at which point the university will select the top three ideas to submit to Schmidt Futures. Schmidt Futures will then review the top three ideas from each of the selected universities, and choose four to five ideas to support with a second round of funding. Recipients will continue to test and improve their concepts. Eventually, one to two ideas will receive significant funding to implement in a targeted community.

The details of the second challenge will be shared with each university next year.

Schmidt Futures has awarded Ohio State a $1.5 million grant to kick-start a vibrant and inclusive idea development process engaging the university community alongside community partners in a robust brainstorming process. The Alliance for the American Dream is the first challenge by Schmidt Futures to four universities including Ohio State. The challenge is to run two ideation processes over two years. As part of the first challenge, Ohio State is hosting ideation sessions across several counties, including one at each of its regional campuses.

The Alliance for the American Dream will focus on developing ideas to strengthen the middle class and help move people out of poverty. It seeks to inspire investment in research and development across public, private and nonprofit sectors and to build effective partnerships between academic communities and engineers, scientists, policymakers, investors and community advocates.

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