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Ohio State Newark Led Grad to Dream Job

February 28, 2019

Rosanna Goodrich landed her dream job right after college, and her experience conducting undergraduate research at The Ohio State University at Newark played a large part in her success. What started out as a cool way to get involved in science ultimately helped lead to a job offer by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).

As a high school senior, Goodrich was thrilled to receive an offer of admission to Ohio State’s Columbus campus. But it also prompted her to take a realistic look at two challenges faced by many--paying for college and making a successful transition from high school.

“I was accepted at the Columbus campus, but I chose to attend Ohio State Newark,” said Goodrich. “The lower cost in Newark meant I would not be struggling with as much debt after graduation, and Newark’s small class size really appealed to me. I thought it would be the best college environment for me.”

So, Goodrich arrived at Ohio State Newark, hoping the campus would be a good fit. What she discovered, however, was that Ohio State Newark was an exceptional fit, offering opportunities she had never even considered.

For instance, getting involved in undergraduate research was easy at the Newark campus, even as a freshman. Toward the end of her first year, with no prior research experience, Goodrich worked on a pollination project with Professor Karen Goodell. Then, with the encouragement of another faculty member, Associate Professor Andrew Roberts, she applied for and received a $1,500 Ohio State Newark undergraduate research grant. The multi-year spider behavioral research project she designed and conducted with Roberts led to a joint publication in a national journal. Moreover, she still considers him a friend and mentor today.

“Extensive access to undergraduate research offers an incredible advantage for Ohio State Newark students,” said Roberts. “They work alongside faculty members, attend conferences and even publish in professional journals. Like Rosanna, these personalized, collaborative opportunities prepare our students not just for future research careers, but importantly to also be independent critical thinkers with strong analytical and communication skills in any field.”

Goodrich earned her bachelor’s degree in Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology from Ohio State in 2008 and only three months after graduation was hired as an investigator with the USFDA.

However, the USFDA wasn’t just looking for a recent graduate with a scientific background, noted Goodrich. They wanted someone with demonstrated ability in critical thinking-- someone who could investigate a problem, frame questions and then analyze and explain the results. It turned out that Goodrich’s undergraduate research experience provided her with just those skills—setting her apart from other candidates. She got the job, and she’s loved it ever since.

Goodrich of course couldn’t predict where her path would lead, but it’s clear where it all started.
Ohio State Newark is a little more accessible. A little more personal. A little more convenient. But still offers you the opportunity to shape a future as big as your dreams.

The Ohio State University at Newark offers an academic environment that’s inclusive of diversity, challenging but supportive with world-renowned professors and access to Ohio State’s more than 200 majors. It’s where learning comes to life. Research, study abroad and service learning opportunities prepare students for their careers in ways they never expected.