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Ohio State Newark Professor Analyzes Election on Columbus TV

NEWARK, Ohio, July 22, 2016 – The Ohio State University at Newark Associate Professor of Political Science Nathaniel Swigger, Ph.D., is becoming a familiar face to viewers of Fox 28’s Good Day Columbus news program. He has regularly appeared during the 8 a.m. hour to analyze the news of the day related to the 2016 presidential election since the beginning of the year. Swigger researches American politics with an emphasis on public opinion polling, political psychology, campaigns and elections, and media analysis.

“This has not been a typical election season,” said Swigger. “We are seeing all kinds of things that have never happened before in a presidential election. Donald Trump is an unconventional kind of candidate for the Republicans, and Democrat Hillary Clinton is the first woman to be a major party nominee for president of the United States.”

The Republican National Convention was held in Cleveland from July 18 – 21. The Democratic National Convention is being held in Philadelphia from July 25 – 28.

“It will take some time to figure out how the convention affects the general election. Polls for the next two weeks should be somewhat volatile and will not necessarily be useful in predicting November,” said Swigger. “Given the near-universal name recognition of both candidates there may not be much of a convention effect at all.”

Swigger is watching both races closely. On the Republican side, he feels Trump is pitching fear and a vision of an America that is on the brink of destruction with everyone living in peril. It’s a strategy that Swigger feels may backfire. “It is not at all clear that this strategy will help him,” said Swigger. “A number of polls show that voters actually trust Hillary Clinton more on issues like race relations, international crises and guns.”

On the Democratic side, Swigger is watching who supporters for former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders get behind now that their candidate is out of the race. “There is little to no reason to expect that Bernie Sanders’ supporters will join Trump,” said Swigger. “Trump’s polling numbers are miserable among that group. It appears that Democrats have actually united along Hillary Clinton. It will be interesting to see what happens.”

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