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Ohio State Newark Professor on Fox 28: Clinton Victory Historic Moment in American History

NEWARK, Ohio, June 8, 2016 – The Ohio State University at Newark Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Nathaniel Swigger believes we are all witnessing an historic moment in American history, and it’s almost being portrayed in the media as an afterthought. Swigger researches American politics with an emphasis on public opinion polling, political psychology, campaigns and elections, and media analysis. He appeared on Fox 28 news in Columbus this morning (Wednesday) to talk about Hillary Clinton’s race for the White House.

Monday night, the Associated Press declared that Hillary Clinton had clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, which took a little bit of the air out of Tuesday’s primaries, and that’s really just the latest incident where the campaign narrative has overshadowed a truly amazing moment in American history,” said Swigger. “Tuesday was a historic day for Clinton as she clinched the nomination and became the first woman to be a major party nominee for president of the United States. Clinton has been the favorite throughout the race, and a major figure in American politics for such a long time, that it is easy to forget just how important this moment is for gender equality. Hillary Clinton is not only the first female nominee, she is the only woman who has ever come remotely close to being within shouting distance of having a snowball’s chance of winning the presidency. Studies show that women, even highly successful women, are less likely than men to consider running for office or even consider themselves qualified for political office, but having women in office can change that discrepancy. The lasting legacy of the Clinton campaign, or even a possible Clinton presidency, may be that it encourages and inspires more women to engage in politics.”

Clinton claimed the Democratic nomination on Tuesday night with victories in California, New Jersey and New Mexico. However, her opponent, Bernie Sanders, largely ignored the moment. Swigger said Sanders will likely concede in the next few days.

“Clinton now has a majority of votes, a majority of pledged delegates and a massive lead in superdelegates. Bernie Sanders ran a strong outsider campaign, but Clinton was dominant. She led at the outset, never trailed in the national polls, and her nomination has been the safest bet in American politics throughout the entire primary season. In fact, she won a higher percentage of the primary votes than Barack Obama did in 2008,” said Swigger. “Sanders insisted he would fight on to the convention regardless of Tuesday’s results. To do otherwise would have undermined any remaining chance he had, but Sanders no longer has a plausible case for the nomination. At this point Sanders could simply suspend his campaign, endorse Clinton and encourage his supporters to vote for Clinton in the general election. Certainly, this is what Clinton and other Democrats are hoping for since it would help Clinton solidify Democratic support.”

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