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Ohio State Newark Student Prepares for Cuba

NEWARK, Ohio, May 18, 2017 – Students at The Ohio State University at Newark are getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime. The group of 24 will travel to the Caribbean island nation of Cuba, which has been mostly off limits for more than 50 years. Travel limitations to the communist-ruled nation limited educational trips in the past, but recent changes in sanctions now make such trips more accessible. Students will visit the city of Havana as part of an education abroad program offered through the Newark campus. First-year student Joshua Flickinger will be traveling outside of the United States for the first time in his life.

“I knew I wanted to travel as soon as I got the chance. My history professor told me about it, and I wanted to go. I’m really interested in Cuban culture so I thought it was a good opportunity. Plus, it was affordable. I get to do this as a freshman, and that’s so exciting,” said Flickinger.

The trip is part of a four-week class at Ohio State Newark called “Cuba: Race, Revolution and Culture.” The class will use music, film and literature to explore Cuba’s African roots and understand contemporary Cuba. The trip runs from May 20 – 31.

“I’m most excited about being in the country and that we’re going during such a historic time. Learning about the country and going abroad with friends is going to be a great experience.”

Flickinger will also be able to expand some of the topics he has learned about in a previous class and is confident he will be able to use his experience abroad in the future.

“I learned a little about the culture in a previous history class. I had a rural sociology class that didn’t just focus on people. We also talked about geographical differences and how society is split up.”

Travelling with students is a great opportunity, especially when you have a support system like Ohio State Newark that makes sure you have everything you need to study abroad. Flickinger knows this experience will change him and give him a unique opportunity to travel, learn about cultural differences and meet new people.

“I know it will impact me. Anytime you go somewhere with people who don’t know you for an entire week, you become a close group. Visiting a new place will make you see things differently and change your perspective on the world.”

Ohio State Newark plans to offer this course and another trip to Cuba again in May 2018.

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