The Ohio State University at Newark

Roads Scholars Tour Visits Newark Campus

June 26, 2019

Disciplina in civitatem: Education for citizenship was the theme of the evening at the June 18 Roads Scholars Tour stop at The Ohio State University at Newark. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members were joined by The Ohio State University President Michael V. Drake, MD, Provost Bruce McPheron, PhD, and other Columbus campus leaders for a celebration of the university and its impact.

McPheron said, “The purpose of the Roads Scholars Tour is to give students, faculty and staff the opportunity to make connections with alumni and the community. What I’ve learned being on this tour is that Ohio is truly a remarkable place to live.”

Drake echoed that sentiment noting the broad array of outstanding initiatives Buckeyes are undertaking across the state that contribute to the impact the university has here. He added that the university contributes $15.2 billion and 123,000 jobs to the state economy. Both Drake and McPheron shared the importance of Ohio State’s regional campuses to the university mission of providing access to education to all of the state’s citizens.

Attendees also heard from Newark campus leadership and a student who is one of 10 representing Ohio State Newark as a Sesquicentennial Scholar in celebration of the university’s 150th anniversary. Ohio State Newark Dean/Director and Executive Dean of the Regional Campuses William L. MacDonald, PhD, shared some of the campus’ history and the increasing enrollment number that has led to another addition to the campus, the John and Mary Alford Center for Science and Technology.

Ashley Moore, Sesquicentennial Scholar, shared her journey from being an unsure, first-generation college student in the Buckeye Generation Learning Community to becoming a confident campus leader after finding the support she needed to find herself. It started when an academic advisor helped Ashley determine that the psychology major was the perfect fit for her personality. Next, a professor mentored her by helping her to dive into the major and research in the field. Moore was also encouraged to use her experience to become an academic peer coach—a role in which she now mentors others. She also shared her excitement about being chosen as a Sesquicentennial Scholar, “The scholarship promotes values that I personally strive toward such as philanthropy, leadership and engagement.”

Assistant Professor of Physics Michael Stamatikos, PhD, deftly wove pop culture references and jokes into his comments about STEM education and its workforce, humankind’s place in the universe(s), the work being done at the SciDome and how Ohio State is fulfilling the recommendation of the founding fathers. “Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers shared the opinion that an educated electorate is needed for a properly functioning government. Ohio State’s motto ‘Disciplina in civitatem: education for citizenship’ means we are constantly working to provide that educated electorate.”

Attendees also enjoyed music from the Heisey Wind Ensemble, time with Ohio State icons Brutus Buckeye and Drum Major Konner Barr and camaraderie with fellow Buckeyes.