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Student Film Documents Mardi Gras Traditions

The Queens of New Orleans

The Mardis Gras Indians are comprised of African-American communities from New Orleans’ inner city. They have historically, since the 19th century, created their own costumes to wear and parade in during Mardi Gras.

Five Ohio State Newark students, along with Virginia Cope, associate Dean for Ohio State Newark, have teamed up with filmmaker Mike Yearling to create a documentary project about the Queens, the wives of the Mardis Gras Indian chiefs, for the Newark Famfest film festival in May. At a later date, they will create a longer film featuring the chiefs and other members of the tribes.

Students who worked on the film are Ashley Theodore, Torah Silvera, Angela Whipple, Lenise Sunnenberg and Rian Hamadnalla.

newark/uploads/MPR-ssc/Famfest 2015/Students_MardiGras_lr.jpg
Pictured in the photo are (l to r) Theodore, Silvera and Whipple. Photos of students and the Queens of New Orleans taken by Pableaux Johnson.

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