The Ohio State University at Newark

The Ohio State University at Newark Enrollment Released

October 20, 2020

Enrollment at The Ohio State University at Newark for autumn semester 2020 is 2,873. Despite a 2.4% drop from the prior year, the total number of students at Ohio State Newark still ranks third among all-time student enrollment. This decline in the midst of a pandemic comes after six consecutive years of rising figures, including record-breaking totals in 2018 and again in 2019.

“While our applications for admission dropped one-quarter, our yield rate increased from 29% to 36%,” said Diane Kanney, director of enrollment. “We worked hard to minimize the impact to our enrollment, and our decisions paid off with an increase in our yield rate.”

Ohio State Newark also achieved records in recruiting minority students. The percentage of minority students reached an all-time high of 34% with underrepresented minority students increasing to a record 24%.

“Due to the pandemic, we were forced to do so many things differently,and we could not welcome students to visit campus in the spring while they were making their final college decisions. This was, by far, our biggest challenge — to enroll students to a campus you could not invite them to visit,” said Kanney.

Beginning in mid-March, the admissions team switched to all virtual operations, connecting with students via phone, email and the Zoom video conferencing platform.

A total of 1,404 new first-year students decided Ohio State Newark was a good fit. With access to Ohio State’s renowned academics and professors, Ohio State Newark provides a rigorous education while living at home. Small classes and personal attention provide even more opportunity for success.

Other notable figures from the enrollment report include:
• The number of Hispanic students enrolled increased 7.4% compared to the prior year.
• The number of African American students enrolled increased 12.7%compared to the prior year.
• The number of total minority students enrolled increased 7.7%compared to the prior year.
• First-generation college students account for 37% of total enrollment.
• Students reside in 71 of Ohio’s 88 counties.
• Students are citizens of 39 international countries.

Ohio State Newark resumed full operations for autumn semester with additional safety protocols in place. Courses were offered in several formats, including in-person, online and blended. About 40% of classes had an on-campus component this semester. Furniture in classrooms and common areas has been marked, arranged or removed to support safety practices, including physical distancing. The residence halls were near capacity with just under 300 students living on campus. Residential students participate in weekly COVID-19 testing. All students, faculty staff and visitors to the campus must adhere to personal protection and hygiene requirements such as wearing a face mask. Refer to for the university’s full response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ohio State University at Newark offers an academic environment that’s inclusive of diversity, challenging but supportive with world-renowned professors and access to Ohio State’s more than 200 majors. It’s where learning comes to life. Research, study abroad and service-learning opportunities prepare students for their careers in ways they never expected.