The Ohio State University at Newark

The Psychology of Higher Learning: Student Finds Home on Newark Campus

NEWARK, Ohio, June 8, 2017 – Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. Junior Arisha Rahman, 21, is now majoring in psychology after her experience at The Ohio State University at Newark helped her discover what environment she needed to thrive in the classroom.

“Class size makes a real difference for me,” said Rahman. “I took classes on the Columbus campus and on the Newark campus and realized large class sizes did not work for me.”

Rahman was born in Bangladesh and moved to the United States when she was six months old. She graduated from Dublin Coffman High School in 2014 and always wanted to go to Ohio State. Rahman started as a pre-medicine major and took classes on the Newark campus the summer after she graduated to get a jump start on college. When she went to Columbus, she quickly learned there was going to be a problem.

“I did not realize how important class sizes were for me,” said Rahman. “In Columbus, when you are sitting in a general chemistry class there are 500 or 600 students. There is a balcony in the room. My mind kept wandering, and I felt like I was watching a YouTube video. There was no teacher-student connection. For students like me who need personal interaction, it just doesn’t work well.”

The average class size at Ohio State Newark is 25 students. Rahman said that was closer to what she had in high school and is what worked best for her. The entire experience sparked Rahman’s interest in psychology and how minds work differently in different environments. She changed her major from pre-medicine to psychology and transitioned to the Newark campus to complete her degree.

“I realized I like to explore how humans work,” said Rahman. “I don’t care about the atoms or the electrons, I care about the bigger picture. I want to learn about how humans are behaving or interacting and what is going on in their brains.”

Rahman lives in the residence hall on the Newark campus. She has done well academically in Newark and said the connection with her professors helps motivate her to study. Rahman is involved on campus as well. She is currently the vice president of Student Cultural Council, a research assistant in the psychology lab and a lab monitor.

“This is the right place for me. I think the smaller community here at Newark fosters learning,” said Rahman. “I really value the education and experience I am having here.”

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